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The Stubborn Lovers Announce Single, “Drivin’ 22” by Paul Corsi

The new single from Portland band The Stubborn Lovers is a carefree ride down an open stretch of highway. “Drivin’ 22” is a 12-bar blues rave-up that captures the warm current of summer with a dip into childhood nostalgia.

Wes Youssi - Album Case Study by Paul Corsi

Case study for Wes Youssi album release. 

This article appears in the Case Studies blog.

Wes Youssi Announces January 19 Album Release by Paul Corsi

The upcoming outlaw country album from Wes Youssi is a freight train speeding past an iconic stretch of Americana coastline. It is the cathartic product of bar room brawls, unexpected lay-offs, a marriage, raising children, moving across the country, and unknowingly purchasing a police cruiser.

Three For Silver Releases New Orchestral Single by Paul Corsi

Portland trio, Three For Silver, release the second single, “The Way We Burn” off of their upcoming album due out September 1 on Foggy Night Records. “The Way We Burn” is an uncharted ship destined to vulnerable depths. It’s an orchestral beckoning and reckoning where honeyed velvet vocals soar and swell in a divine dance of intoxicating melody.


American Songwriter's Daily Discovery: Sea Caves, "Spanning the River" by Paul Corsi

Sea Caves is the Daily Discovery in American Songwriter. You can learn everything you need to know about Sea Caves including their dream gig!

Sea caves Announces February 5 Bright Forest Album Release by Sam

Sea caves Announces February 5 Bright Forest Album Release
Offers First Single, “Spanning the River” as Downloadable MP3

Quit Work Make Music by Eric

Not everyone can Quit Work and Make Music, but Densmore and Irie sure do make it sound enticing.

What happens when you mix BLUES and ROCKSTEADY? You get a ROOTS MUSIC MASTERPIECE! by David

On May 13, we can look forward to traditional blues and rocksteady values added to the best of ska, punk and funk.

Beer & Moose? Bear & Moose to Play Brewer's Summer Games by Janelle

Bear & Moose get hoppy at Double Mountain Brewery for Brewer's Olympics on June 16!

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