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New EP From Nickel&Rose is Featured in From One Chord to Another by Bri

Americana, the latest EP from Americana Folk duo Nickel&Rose, is capable of inspiring and informing its listeners. One Chord To Another is no exception as they feature the EP, which you can read about here!

The Bluegrass Situation Premieres Nickel&Rose's EP, "Americana" by Bri

Nickel&Rose are bringing a new perspective to what we all know as "Americana" music. Find out how they're changing the game with their EP premiere from The Bluegrass Situation!

Nickel&Rose Announces Single, “Dog River” by Paul Corsi

“Dog River” is the second single off the upcoming EP, Americana, due September 4 from Nickel&Rose. It is an Appalachian stomp restrained with a haunting, droning instrumental inspired by the music from the Sahara.

AfroPunk Features Nickel&Rose Single, "Americana" by Bri

AfroPunk's Nathan Leigh called Nickel&Rose's single, "Americana", "One of the best folk songs" he's heard all year. Read more about it here!

Social Stance Saturday: Your Vote is Your Voice (by Nickel&Rose) by Bri

Every day people are fighting for representation. Nickel&Rose know this, and that is why they are talking about it in their Social Stance. Read it now!

This article appears in the Social Stance Saturday blog.

Nickel&Rose Announces Single, “Americana” by Paul Corsi

Opening with a dusty roll and sweltering haze, the new single from Nickel&Rose, “Americana”, tells the forgotten story of African music in roots and American music. A blend of traditional and cross-continental influence lay the foundation for a culture left behind.

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