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GLG October Monthly Playlist: Bitch Media- Bitch's Brew by Bri

We've heard through the grapevine that girls just wanna have fun, and we have the playlist to prove it. Listen to our October playlist, "Bitch's Brew" which is inspired by the feminist magazine, Bitch Media. Along with sugar, spice, and everything nice, the girl power is the main ingredient in this bitch's brew because this is an all-female/ female-fronted playlist including artists like: Brandi Carlile, Pvris, and Indigo Girls. Needless to say, this playlist is bitchin'!

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GLG August Monthly Playlist: KEXP - Seattle's Best by Janelle

Green Light Go has a fresh brew of new songs to keep you wired through August with our Seattle’s Best playlist. Inspired by KEXP, our playlist features artists such as Wilco, Alex Lahey, Naomi Wachira, Arcade Fire, Deep Sea Diver and more. Don’t be “latte” to this KEXP party, folks, you’re not going to want to miss this.

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Female Entrepreneur Podcast Features Naomi Wachira by Anja

Bandcamp Features Naomi Wachira by Anja

Bandcamp Daily interviews Naomi Wachira about her new album Song of Lament. The interview with afro-folk singer Naomi Wachira delves into why she created the album, how the world around her affects her music, and what she wants people to get from her music.

Naomi Wachira Announces June 2 Song of Lament Album Release by Paul Corsi

The upcoming afro-folk release from Kenyan native Naomi Wachira, Song of Lament, burns with empowerment. Tribal beats combine with rich harmonies and emotive lyrics to evoke a sense of  strength and unity.

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