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Turning Your Fans Into Advocates by Janelle

Do you want to connect with a fanbase that will actually help you promote your music? Read this article about ways you can turn your fans into advocates.

Why Aren't Fans Buying My Music (Part 2) by Janelle

In part two of the Are You Assaulting Your Fans on Social Media? series, this article will take you through the next steps of creating excitement for your fans as they continue to support your music.

This article appears in the Green Light Grow blog.

4 Simple Steps to Creating a Killer Press List by Janelle

Sending emails after email to media and not getting a response? Find out how to create a killer press list to can help garner media coverage!

This article appears in the Green Light Grow blog.

How to Find a Music Publicist You Can Trust by Janelle

Are you ready to hire a music pr firm to help promote your music? These tips will help you decide whether a pr firm is trustworthy and if they are suited to fit your band's needs. 

Are You Assaulting Your Fans (Part One) by Janelle

It goes without saying: You shouldn’t assault your fans either physically or sexually, but there’s a more subtle way you may be assaulting your fans every single day, and you’re most likely not even aware you’re doing it. This guide will help you determine whether you are appropriately reaching out to fans, and how to connect and build positive relationships. 


4 Essential Things to Consider When Hiring a Music Promotion Company by Janelle

If you’re ready to hire a music promotion company to secure coverage for your upcoming single, EP, or album release, how do you find a publicist who will give you the best bang for your buck? How do you avoid getting ripped off or throwing money down the drain because the company wasn’t the right fit for your band?

Why You Should Be Using Instagram as a Musician (And All Its Dirty Secrets) by Janelle

Are you an avid Instagram user, but don't know how to utilize it to promote your band? Find out the simple methods Joe Marson used to grow his Instafanbase quickly and easily.

This article appears in the Green Light Grow blog.

5 Simple Tips to Maximize Your YouTube Views by Janelle

Want to see more views on your YouTube videos? Find out 5 simple steps from videographer, Serg Soza, to maximize your exposure.

This article appears in the The Other Side blog.

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