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Model Citizen Announces July 12 Album by Bri

The Next Life, the new album from Brooklyn 18-piece band, Model Citizen, is the result of a musical therapy session for songwriter, Mark Ciani, in the aftermath of two heartbreaks.Exploring the spectrums of genre, The Next Life revels in sonic variation, each song unveiling its own specific mood. Like an open book whose character perspective changes from page to page, The Next Life tells its story in dynamic ways. 


Model Citizen Announces Single, Every Time" by Bri

“Every Time”, the new single from Brooklyn 18-piece, Model Citizen, is a jaunting dance groove that sizzles with spunk and carefree exhilaration. Bursts of brass, jiving guitar, and upbeat percussion explode through sound barriers. Jazzy vocals shine above in the now exposed sky like a beam of smooth rhythm, adding a cheerful, warming tone to the glossy groove. 

Model Citizen Announces Single, "The Other Shoe" by Bri

“The Other Shoe”, the new pop single from the 18-piece band, Model Citizen, is a solemn, heart-wrenching ballad thinking aloud about the regrets of a failing relationship. The single lyrically opens outward as each emotional confrontation spirals in the narrator’s mind, while deconstructed, stirring piano melodies waver lusciously beneath every earnest statement. 

Model Citizen Announces Single, "Get Out" by Bri

“Get Out”, the new soul-pop single from 18-piece band, Model Citizen, smooths out the ridges of a mind being chiseled away by its own trepidation. Pure funk grooves swirl in rhythm with the cycle of drifting in and out of anxiety and self-contemplation. The single, out for release April 22, eases its way into May’s Mental Health Awareness month and delivers a rich, jazzy take on the inner workings of a mind pulling away from anxiety’s heavy force.

Model Citizen Announces Single, "Magic Trick" by Bri

“Magic Trick”, the new single from the 18-piece Brooklyn band, Model Citizen, is a provocative fusion of garage rock and jazzy grooves cutting straight through the restraints of genre like a sharpened knife freshly polished. The complex instrumentation includes heavy electric guitar and a lively horn section that pack a hard punch like a fist breaking through a heavy sheet of glass. The punk rock and jazz elements fall together like the individual shards as they shatter onto the floor to create an intricate mosaic of sound.

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