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The Legal Immigrants Announce Single, "Hang On" by Paul Corsi

The new single from garage rock group The Legal Immigrants mainlines a shot of adrenaline straight to the system. 

Vincent Colbert Releases New Single, "Landslide" by Paul Corsi

Vincent Colbert releases new folk single, ”Landslide,”
off upcoming album Unwind, due out May 6

Boudoir Noir Announces June 3 EP Release by Paul Corsi

Boudoir Noir Announces June 3 Endless Dawn EP Release Offers First Single, “Endless Dawn” as Downloadable MP3

Chris DuPont Announces November 13 Album Release by Sam

Outlier wades deep into DuPont's head. It is simultaneously loud, soft, angry, forgiving, danceable and upbeat, cinematic, sweeping, and immersive.

The Legal Immigrants Release "Bily Goat" Single by Alex Marsack

The Legal Immigrants Releases New Garage Infused Blues Rock Single, “Bily Goat”
Off Upcoming Album Drugs to Roses Due Out July 3rd

The Legal Immigrants Announces July 3 Album Release by Janelle

The Legal Immigrants announce the July 3 release of their upcoming album, Drugs to Roses, with a music and philosophy centering around a central Detroit ethos: raw, gritty and honest.

AllMusic Streams it All - The Verve Pipe’s Overboard by Megan Fisher

“Overboard is the Verve Pipe’s first album of adult-oriented material in 13 years after a detour into making children’s music. Be sure to check out the title track, which features a writing credit from actor Jeff Daniels.” —Chris Steffan - AllMusic

Billboard Premieres The Verve Pipe’s Single Co-Written by Actor Jeff Daniels by Eric

“On the new song, the band leads listeners along a dark tale with gentle instrumentation and a narrative that that grows troubling.” --Colin Stutz - Billboard

First Rock Album in 13 Years from The Verve Pipe by Sara McKay

After a 13 year hiatus The Verve Pipe return with the independent release of their long-awaited rock album Overboard on June 17.

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