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Anabot Gives Sharp Kiss Of Female Fronted Electro Pop Seduction with 12/2 EP Release by Jay Tafilowski

Anabot releases her new EP Kiss Like a Knife on December 2. The EP feeds and expands the narrative of the seductive time travelling adventures of the cyborg Anabot. Travelling through time, Anabot accumulates infectious pop sounds while blending all of the best parts of 60s British Pop and reverb-soaked California psych-pop with a dancey sci-fi twist. Anabot seduces the ear, drawing the listener into a mysterious pop pantheon filled with irresistible hooks.

Bitch Magazine Includes Bonsai On Bitch Tapes by Janelle

Bitch Magazine includes Bonsai single on the recent BitchTape mixtape feature.Take a listen to an hour-and-a-half of noctural, lo-fi, bedroom, dreamy, beach pop tunes.

The Other Side with Jessica G Photography's Jessica Glick by Janelle

Jessica G Photography founder Jessica Glick discusses life in the "Big Apple," explains why chemistry is crucial when handpicking artists for a photo shoot, and shares why it was such a pleasure to work with Adam Duritz in this week's Other Side feature.

This article appears in the The Other Side blog.

Staff Infection: Lauren's Best of 2011 by Janelle

After undergoing an intense scrutinizing process (and a few rounds of "Eeny, Meeny, Miny, Moe"), Lauren Mercury Roberts presents some of the greatest tracks of 2011 in this week's Staff Infection.

This article appears in the Staff Infection blog.

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