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How to Submit to a Collaborative Playlist by Bri

The year is coming to an end, and we need your help in creating our "Best of 2017" playlist. If you are as excited as we are to add a favorite song, but you just aren't sure how to add it to the collaborative playlist, you can read our instructions on how to do it. 

The Bluegrass Situation Premieres New Whetherman Album by Anja

The Bluegrass Situation premeires Whetherman's new album This Land, due out June 16.

GLG April Monthly Playlist: Spring Into Action by Emily

Please your ears and take a listen to this indie rock and pop selection inspired by Impose Magazine. Bursting at the seams with propelling tempos, a shimmering demeanor, and ethereal vibes - just in time for Spring. Featuring artists like The Shins, Hippo Campus, Glassio, and GLG's own Allen Clapp, Steph Barrak, Known To Collapse, The Cover Letter, and Split Screens.

Almond&Olive Announces January Album Release by Paul Corsi

Almond&Olive Announces January 27 Standing at the Precipice Album Release
Offers First Single, “Standing at the Precipice” as Downloadable MP3

Gimme a Break: Erica Bitting by Nina

With so many raw and heartfelt emotions, singer-songwriter Erica Bitting's college dorm room was just too small to contain her warm, soothing music. The feels are contagious. 

This article appears in the Gimme a Break blog.

Vincent Colbert Releases New Single, "Landslide" by Paul Corsi

Vincent Colbert releases new folk single, ”Landslide,”
off upcoming album Unwind, due out May 6

Daytrotter Session with We/Or/Me by Paul Corsi

Daytrotter captures We/Or/Me's dark, folk atmospheres.

Nate Leavitt & The Elevation Announces April 22 Someone Send a Signal EP Release by Paul Corsi

Nate Leavitt & The Elevation Announces April 22 Someone Send a Signal EP Release
Offers First Single, “Take Me Back” as Downloadable MP3

Chris DuPont's Album Stream Premiere on Relevant by Paul Corsi

Relevant has the exclusive stream premiere of Chris DuPont's latest album Outlier. The album is DuPont's sophmore effort and has its roots in both folk and Americana.

Exclaim Premieres 'In Loving Memory of oosi Lockjaw' by Paul Corsi

Exclaim has the exclusive premiere of Hezekiah Jone's new album, In Loving Memory of oosi Lockjaw.

Hezekiah Jones Releases New Indie-Folk Single, “Borrowed Heart” by Sam

“This Philly-based folk collective led by Raphael Cutrufello have created their finest album and it’s one of my top 5 2015 releases.” - One Chord To Another

Chris DuPont Announces November 13 Album Release by Sam

Outlier wades deep into DuPont's head. It is simultaneously loud, soft, angry, forgiving, danceable and upbeat, cinematic, sweeping, and immersive.

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