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Naomi Wachira Announces June 2 Song of Lament Album Release by Paul Corsi

The upcoming afro-folk release from Kenyan native Naomi Wachira, Song of Lament, burns with empowerment. Tribal beats combine with rich harmonies and emotive lyrics to evoke a sense of  strength and unity.

Volary Releases New Orchestral Single, “Mad Waltz” by Paul Corsi

Volary Releases New Orchestral Single, “Mad Waltz”
Off Recently Released Album, The Light, In Collaboration With Minna Choi

BBC 6 Lauren Laverne Features Kinder Than Wolves by Lauren

"Suitable for fans of Purity Ring, the XX and Death Cab, it certainly has that kind of dream-pop feel to it." - Lauren Laverne

Indie Pop Band Fialta Releases New Single “Baby, I” by Janelle

Fialta's latest single, “Baby, I,” is from their July 23 debut full-length release, Summer Winter. The track juxtaposes kicky, addictive pop hooks with lines like “Baby, I kill myself for you.”

AllMusic Streams Fialta’s Summer Winter One Week Early by Janelle

"[Fialta’s Summer Winter is] a great soundtrack for a day at the beach, a long drive in the afternoon, or an evening spent holding hands and watching the sun set." -AllMusic

Fialta Releases New Summery Pop Single "Photographs" Out Now by Janelle

With lyrics that juxtapose the absurdity of youth and the certainty of mortality, "Photographs" carries with it an air of nostalgia in its verses, followed by a dip into an eerie chorus that feels both unexpected and inevitable. 

kayln rock Makes MAGNET a Mix Tape by Janelle

kayln rock Makes MAGNET a Mix Tape! I know some of my favorite tunes are on there - maybe there's some of yours too!

Staff Infection: Blue Monday by Janelle

Relish a blue mood with these delightfully sad songs.

This article appears in the Staff Infection blog.

Staff Infection: Top Albums 2011 by Janelle

My list of favorite songs and albums from 2011!

This article appears in the Staff Infection blog.

Fresh Mp3 Friday: Sleeper Bands by Janelle

Skip the Z's and catch these sleeper bands...

Fresh Mp3 Friday: The Asylum Experience by Janelle

Whether you believe in the super natural or not is up to you, but if you do plan on attending or throwing a Halloween party this weekend, these tracks will help keep your paranormal party unnaturally awesome!

Fresh Mp3 Friday: Who to see at CMJ by Janelle

In celebration of CMJ, here are MP3’s of bands you can catch at CMJ, and bands we hope to see next year.

This article appears in the Fresh Mp3 Friday blog.

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