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Beth // James Announces Single, “Wasted on Sundays” by Bri

Austin folk duo Beth // James release their brand new single, “Wasted on Sundays” in the afterglow of “Lion Eyes,” the single handpicked by Spike Lee for the BlacKkKlansman soundtrack. A relatable anthem for the quarter-century life crisis, “Wasted on Sundays” is a time capsule buried in the sand, bottling up carefree moments of youth amidst the weighing down of pressures to overachieve and be successful. 

Beth // James Releases New Folk Single, “Bring Your Fire To Me” by Paul Corsi

Beth // James Releases New Folk Single, “Bring Your Fire To Me”
Off Upcoming EP All In Life Due Out April 28

Ovrld Premieres Beth // James : "Bring Your Fire To Me" by Paul Corsi

Ovrld premires "Bring Your Fire To Me," the latest track off the upcoming EP from Austin duo Beth // James. 

The Cover Letter Releases New Indie Rock Single, “Josephine” by Paul Corsi

The Cover Letter Releases New Indie Rock Single, “Josephine”
Off Upcoming EP Cities Made of Sand Due Out February 17

Impose Premieres The Cover Letter, "Josephine" by Paul Corsi

Impose has the exclusive premiere of The Cover Letter's latest track, "Josephine." 

The Cover Letter Announces February EP Release by Lauren

The Cover Letter announces February 17 Cities Made of Sand EP release
Offers first single, “Somethings” as downloadable MP3

Are You Connected to Your Roots? by Mary Wilde

Wondering Sound Premieres The Belle Sounds Title Track “Black Stone” off Upcoming EP

Magnet Magazine Features the Country Twang of The Belle Sounds by Megan Fisher

“The Belle Sounds play hazy, deeply heartwarming soft rock in the vein of Fleetwood Mac. New track “The Siren” mixes country twang with melodic vocal harmonies and smooth, quiet instrumentals.” --Eric Miller - Magnet Magazine

Can You Resist the Siren’s Call? by Mary Wilde

The Belle Sounds Release “The Siren” first single Off Black Stone

The Girl from Port Austin by Janelle

You only turn twenty-years-old once. For Ariel Abshire, that happens on August 3. What's a better way to celebrate than reading a heartfelt, informative interview with Cat5?

Cowboy and Indian to Play Austin City Limits Music Festival by Janelle

Cowboy and Indian to play Austin City Limits Music Festival this fall.

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