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The Bluegrass Situation Premieres Matt Hectorne's New Album by Paul Corsi

The Bluegrass Situation has the exclusive premiere of Matt Hectorne's new album, Work.

Sven-Erik Olsen Announces September 8 Album Release by Paul Corsi

The upcoming album release from Minneapolis musician Sven-Erik Olsen, Sketchbook Traces, captures the Twin/Tone sound of bands like The Replacements with cerebral songwriting and a tuneful harmonic adventure. 

Bitch Media Features Miss Geo on New Music Monday by Lauren

Miss Geo's "Techno Entry" is highlighed alongside their recent album release, Connection, on Bitch Media.

The Wild Honey Pie Reviews Getaway Dogs by Lauren

"Excuses/Opinons" by Getaway Dogs catches The Wild Honey Pie's attention.

Jonas Martin Announces August 26 The Color Scheme Album Release by Paul Corsi

Summerfest performing artist, Jonas Martin, announces August 26 The Color Scheme album release

Offers first single, “Wannabe” as downloadable MP3

Moonbabies - Album Release Case Study by Paul Corsi

Case Study for Moonbabies Album Release Campaign 

This article appears in the Case Studies blog.

Vincent Colbert Announces May 6 Unwind Album Release by Paul Corsi

Vincent Colbert Announces May 6 Unwind Album Release
Offers First Single, “Beth (Hold On)” as Downloadable MP3

5 Action Steps to Maximize Your Band's PR by Janelle

Last month, I talked about what you need to do to maximize your music PR campaign. In this follow-up article, I'm digging deeper on how you can specifically take action on those steps I outlined.

This article appears in the Green Light Grow blog.

Suntrodden Announces February 5, 2016 EP Release by Sam

Indie pop act Suntrodden announces EP, Suntrodden I, due out February 5, 2016, with first single, “Sunrise to Sunset.” Suntrodden’s debut presents a love letter to stripped-down songwriting, giving listeners five tracks dedicated to capturing the raw passion of live tracking, and letting the beauty of the songs stand for themselves.

We/Or/Me Announces January 29 Album Release by Sam

Chicago indie folk artist, We/Or/Me, releases new album, Everything Behind Us is a Dream, on January 29. The record’s first single, “The Dusty Roads”, is available as a downloadable MP3 on Oct 20.

Merry Ellen Kirk Announces October 23 Album Release by Kyle Bendel

Merry Ellen Kirk Announces October 23, 2015 We Are the Dreamers Album Release Offers First Single, “Lovers & Liars” as Downloadable MP3

Secret Friend Offers Promotional CD For Upcoming Album Release by Alex Marsack

Secret Friend thinks outside the box as he promotes Sleeper with a set of custom designed hand-made CD boxes

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