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7 Ways to Skyrocket Your Facebook Fan Engagement

I’m a big believer in beating the system. You give me one reason why I can’t do something and I’ll look for ten reasons I can. And I won’t stop until I’ve solved the problem, reached the finish line and said “I have conquered.”

It may be one of the reasons why I became a publicist in the first place. The challenge. The constant “no’s” to get to the one “yes.” And oh how satisfying that yes is when I or my team does get it.

So when Facebook started making changes deemed as detrimental to fan pages, I started racking my brain for ways to beat the system. The answer actually appeared in a closed Facebook group of an author I followed.

If you’ve been following the posts, you know the last two weeks have been devoted to how you can take advantage of Facebook to engage your fans. Now it’s time to get into the nitty-gritty: What to do with your Facebook fan group once you’ve created it.

Basically your Facebook fan group will function like a VIP fan club of sorts. This is where you take your super fans up a notch to create a word of mouth campaign. Think of social networks like Pinterest and Google+ where people needed a special invite to be added, which created interest because everyone wanted to be part of something they weren’t already. You’ll be doing the same, except with your band.

The key is to make this not only about you, but about your fans as well.

1. Make it private.

If you haven’t already, make the group private so a fan can only be invited by you or someone else in the group. This way you are also able to offer private exclusives not available to the public.

2. Create a prompt for fans to introduce themselves to the group.

Pin a post when you first start the group asking why they became a fan of your band. This will allow your fans to wax poetic about you (who doesn’t love that?) and also get to know and connect with other fans who fell in love with you for similar reasons. The result can lead to fans feeling as if they are an integral part of your band and that, my friend, is what leads to viral marketing. People can’t stop themselves when they feel part of something bigger than themselves. Not to go all political on you, but the first Obama campaign is one of the best examples out there. Supporters were not only excited about the candidate, they were excited about everyone else around them who were excited.

3. Prime the pump.

In the beginning you’ll want to post once per day or a couple of times per week at the very least. These don’t have to be new posts, but can be comments on what your fans are posting. By commenting on what they post, you are motivating them to post more because they will know there is a chance you’ll see their post and respond.

4. Give a sneak peek of tracks.

When we are running a PR campaign, we often release tracks as premiers to high profile media like SPIN. In order to do that, it means the bands can’t give their fans an early listen on their Facebook page or Twitter feed because it will now be public (and hence not a premier). However, if you have an invite only group, you can give your fans a true sneak peek without being public. And the feedback can be invaluable when you are determining your strongest singles.

5. Invite them into the recording process.

This takes the control out of control freak, but can provide invaluable insight and your own personal focus group. Ask them their favorite tracks to help determine a potential lead single which could have the greatest chance of reacting. Have them determine a sample track listing. If you do this, you have to truly to give up control and follow their decisions or you may create more harm than good by not listening to the advice they give. Who wants to give feedback if it’s not heard or followed?

6. Offer contests.

Have some great new merch, 7 inch vinyl, or other possible giveaways? Set up a contest where fans can invite fans to your group for a limited time period. The ones who receive the most invites will receive the grand prize. This is easy to track in your group by looking at who invited the person.

7. Need extras for a video shoot?

Start here. If you are shooting a video, here’s a place to look for extras. And if you allow them to take pics on the set, you can almost guarantee there will be some social networking love on their personal facebook and twitter accounts.

Green Light GO: Invite your superfans to join your group if you haven’t already and write your first post asking why they became a fan of your band.

Sharing is Caring: Know someone about to release a single, EP or album? Share this article with them to help engage their fanbase.

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