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Social Stance Saturday: Drop Your Weapons (by Karla Kane)

Karla Kane is a solo artist, a part of the band The Corner Laughers, a proud feminist, a mother, and now a GLG Social Stance Saturday participant. Read her Social Stance on gun control below:

When GLG asked me to contribute to Social Stance Saturday, I thought at first I’d write about an environmental cause. Climate change, colony collapse, or animal rights, perhaps. And if you know my music, you’d also correctly guess that I’m a feminist, so maybe I’d write about gender equality. Those are all extremely important issues, but there’s something else I can’t get out of my mind lately, and that’s gun violence.

 Did you know that every day, around 96 Americans are killed by gun violence? Every DAY. As a mother, I’m horrified by the fact that my 4-year-old has to do lockdown drills at nursery school. As a newspaper journalist, I’m saddened by the recent massacre in Maryland. Mass shootings are a terrifying way of American life now and they need to stop. But so do the hundreds of accidental deaths of children who come across guns at home; the domestic violence-related killings (yes, it is a feminist issue), and many other ways in which gun violence hurts communities. Statistics show Americans are 25 times more likely to be killed by a gun than citizens of other developed countries. That’s not a record to be proud of.

 Something needs to change, and there are common-sense ways to change laws to save lives while still respecting the constitution, including voting out those politicians in the pocket of the arms industry.

Go to Everytown for Gun Safety to learn more:

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