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Social Stance Saturday

Social Stance Saturday: The Dishonest Artist (by Seán Barna) by Bri

Those who are part of the LGBTQ community can probably relate to the weight and pressure that "coming out" creates on one's shoulders. Sean Barna, a New York City and Washington, DC-based musician, tells a powerful story of how he just recently came out to his parents right before ascending up a mountain in Colorado. Read it here. 

Social Stance Saturday: When The Holidays Aren't Happy (by Ruth Acuff) by Bri

Ruth Acuff is a singer-songwriter and professional harpist who understands that the holidays can bring up difficult feelings just as much as positive ones. If you have ever felt a holiday melancholy, Ruth's social stance blog offers a hand in solidarity. 

Social Stance Saturday: Raise the Bar as a Musician, Lower the Ecological Footprint by Bri

Are you a touring musician who has felt the burden of your travel and how it affects the environment? Musician and environmental activist, Reverend Screaming Fingers, lives in an incredible eco-friendly vintage trailer in the desert of Joshua Tree, CA. He's doing his part by living a sustainable, off the grid lifestyle to make up for his impact, while still making his music a priority. Read all about his fascinating life here!

Social Stance Saturday: November 6- Put That on Your Calendar (by Sean Pawling) by Bri

Do you want to make an impact for change that goes BEYOND voting this election season? Sean Pawling, Los Angeles based musician and songwriter, gives a fascinating perspective and insight as not only an artist but as an everyday citizen wanting to do more. In this Social Stance Saturday blog, he gives easy, relatable advice on how to take it to the next level.  

Social Stance Saturday: Dreaming Big While Battling Depression (by Emily Curtis) by Bri

When battling depression, even the simplest of tasks can seem impossible, and Emily Curtis is a musician who understands that. Read her social stance now, as she takes the impossible, and gives a little glimpse of hope that you can have depression and chase your dreams at the same time. 

Social Stance Saturday: What is Feminism? (by Miss Geo) by Bri

Does music provoke you? Does it help you form thoughts about yourself and society? Boston- based indie-electronic pop group, Miss Geo, have an amazing Social Stance blog post that explores the ideas of feminism in music and how their own identities as musicians are formed, and the ways the word "feminism" is changed by society. Read more now, and get inspired by these powerful women who are rising above societal norms and breaking stereotypes, all while being talented, working musicians. 

Social Stance Saturday: I Have Depression (by Katie Rose) by Bri

Did you know that September is National Suicide Prevention Month? If you or someone you know needs a reminder of all of the resources that are out there, read this social stance by Katie Rose. She is a singer/songwriter and musician from Charleston, South Carolina, and she has battled depression. Her social stance is filled with resources and just a shoulder to lean on to remind us we're not alone.

Social Stance Saturday: The Power of Music (by The Shades) by Bri

How does music inspire you? Does it make you feel powerful? For the Chicago-based acoustic pop band, The Shades, their love for music expands far beyond themselves. They have paired up with Guitars Over Guns, an organization that uses music to mentor and strengthen their community. Read the inspirational story now!

Social Stance Saturday: All For One and... None For All (by Red Moses of Callow) by Bri

Inspired by real life events, San Francisco duo, Callow's upcoming album explores the frustrations faced by everyday people in society. People who are simply struggling to make ends meet, and make up a large percentage of society, are being squashed under the feet of the wealthy, who make up a much smaller percentage of society. Read Red Moses's Social Stance about the prblematic wage gap. 

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The Vegan Guy in the Band: Social Stance Saturday (by Jim O'Ferrell from The J.O.B.) by Bri

Being vegan is more than just a choice, it is a lifestyle. And for Jim O'Ferrel of Richmond, VA rock band, The J.O.B., it is a lifestyle he maintains while being out on the road with his band. Read his social stance now and gain VIP access to how he maneuvers through fast food restaurants, bar-food menus and more! 

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Social Stance Saturday: It's Okay to Not Be Okay (by Bri Bondy) by Bri

Whether you have anxiety that affects your everyday life or you are a support system for someone else,  you are not alone. This social stance is about how anxiety can creep up on you, or even fester for a while, and how to cope with it. Read more for steps on how to once and for all work on improving your mental health or support someone on their journey, because it's really important. 

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Social Stance Saturday: Loss (by Harp Samuels) by Bri

Harp Samuels, a Melbourne-based singer/songwriter, has a new ambient-folk album titled Breathe, out September 14. This is an album created in the aftermath of his father's death. Already having lost his mother over a decade ago, Samuels is no stranger to loss, and his Social Stance is a great example of how real and strange losing a loved one can be. Read it now. 

This article appears in the Social Stance Saturday blog.

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