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The Legal Immigrants Announce Single, "Hang On"

The new single from garage rock group The Legal Immigrants mainlines a shot of adrenaline straight to the system. “Hang On” is a freight train rolling off the tracks with howling vocals, smoking amplifiers, and chugging guitar chords from calloused fingers. It unleashes a burst of energy with a call to iron-willed perseverance. “Hang On” is now streaming on all major platforms.

“Hang On” is a jaunting kick in the ass. If there’s one thing that the single won’t do, it’s let you feel sorry for yourself. As a rioting act of rebellion against complacency, it shakes the ground and roars under dragging feet, thrusting them towards the dawn of a new day. new year, and a new future. Smooth vocals round out the jagged edges and swelter with charisma as the lyrics capture a message of determination to give the last months of the year one final push. Snapping blues guitar riffs chug forward in motion as metallic tambourine rattles below the belly of the well-oiled machine.

About The Legal Immigrants

The Legal Immigrants consists of frontman Joe Bockheim, lead guitarist Ben Taber, bassist Kevin Kitsch, and drummer Marcus James. Bockheim started the band in 2009 with some friends, and through a series of amicable lineup changes, the band took its current form. Their first album, Drugs to Roses, was released in 2015 and Panacea in 2016. Their new single, “Hang On” was recorded at Goon Lagoon Studios in Grand Rapids with producer Dick Chiclet. TLI promises to never make the same record twice.

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