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Summer Magic Announces Single, “Hey!”

Co-produced at Native Sound Recording with David Beeman (Pokey Lafarge, Tristen) and mixed by David Vandervelde (Father John Misty), the new single from Summer Magic, “Hey!” is dripping in sweet, golden sunshine melodies full of infectious hooks and harmonies. With cartwheel energy and popping bubble-gum guitar riffs, it drives down an endless coastal highway glancing inwards but never backwards. The single is off the upcoming album, Sharks and Other Dangers, out August 31.

Kevin Bachmann, the force behind Summer Magic, comes from a long pedigree of St. Louis bands. A former member of Lapush, on the Carson Daly-owned label 456 Entertainment, he has also been in the shoe-gaze group Troubadour Dali, and spent time in Jon Hardy & the Public. “Hey!” finds Bachmann as the captain of his own ship, and was the catalyst for the record itself. The glowing melody is saccharin, ripe, and ready to eat. Drenched in bright harmonies, its fuzzy guitar riffs and aqueous shimmer are poolside summer-ready.

Sharks and Other Dangers is an album that thumps and moves, sways and grooves. From the psychedelic pulse of “Running Game” to the power-pop shock of “A Certain Little Chord” there’s an infectious heartbeat pulsing through each tune, just waiting to be discovered. The album was recorded at Beeman’s own Native Sound Recording in St. Louis. Spanning the course of several years, there are certain holdovers from former musical iterations that find a comfortable space within the album’s splashing sonic waves. Bachmann explains, “Overall, some of the songs were written around the time I left Troubadour, while the other half were written more recently. Most of the songs are related to me, to specific relationships or events in my life.” With bright jangly indie rock, an emphasis on melodic hooks, and a blend of darker upbeat songs, the ensuing mixture balances each element in harmony.

Sharks and Other Dangers Track Listing

  1. Hey!
  2. Tracing a Bird on Construction Paper
  3. Charles de Gaulle in the Afternoon
  4. New Year’s Day Surprise
  5. Attraction Corridors
  6. A Certain Little Chord
  7. By Your Side 
  8. Running Game

About Summer Magic:

Summer Magic is the musical project of St. Louis native Kevin Bachmann. He is a former member of the bands Lapush, and Troubadour Dali, with music being featured on Last Call with Carson Daly, The Hills, and Laguna Beach. Bachmann has shared the stage with Warpaint, Tristen, and A Place to Bury Strangers. He began working on Summer Magic in 2015. His upcoming debut album was co-produced at Native Sound Recording with David Beeman (Pokey Lafarge, Tristen), and mixed by David Vandervelde (Father John Misty). It is due out in the fall.

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