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Spectator Announces Single, "Waves"

Spectator Publicity Photo

Photo by Nate Burrell

The new dream pop single, “Waves” due out February 7 from St. Louis duo, Spectator, flows like a glossy, peaceful river flooded with sonic intimacy. It is an emotionally- packed love song exploring the romanticism and mystique of finding a sense of personal belonging within someone else. “Waves” is an invitation to love openly and freely, a sign for two separate souls to jump into the raging stream of life together as one. The single is off the upcoming album, Charlie, Baby, out April 12, 2019. The album will be released in Scandinavia on Painted Black, a subsidiary of Nordic Records.

“Waves” is a charming epiphany of two lovers unraveling each other’s point of view and what motivates them, gently meddling through the dark corners of each other’s mind to find a quiet place to rest. Spectator creates a moody composition layering hushed, lean-in tambourine with minimalistic but ever apparent percussion. A guitar melody flickers with light like a dazzling moon’s reflection atop the waters of a still, crystalline lake. Growing with intentional weariness, hauntingly smooth vocals crawl further away from seclusion towards a companion’s beckoning. “Waves” surrenders the heart to complete, undying love with aching romance and mellow, hypnotic precision.

Charlie, Baby is Spectator’s second full-length album and was recorded at Native Sound Recording in Saint Louis. The themes behind the songs that make up the album are pulled from both personal experiences, and experiences from society at large. Each song lyrically interprets various forms of loss including the loss of loved ones, freedom, and homes as if examining them under a microscope. The album as a whole takes a step back, connecting the dots of each experience, clarifying how the symptoms of loss are not only found in individual cases but spread like an epidemic. Charlie, Baby reflects on the lonely nights, the empty hearts seeking fulfillment, and holding onto remembrances of something or someone disappearing from view.

Charlie, Baby Track Listing

  1. Waste
  2. Weight
  3. The Only One
  4. Together
  5. Hold Me Close
  6. A Dream of You
  7. Your Things Are Still Here
  8. Baby
  9. Waves
  10. Save Me
  11. Farewell

About Spectator:

Spectator consists of wife and husband duo, Megan Rooney and Jeffrey Albert, who first met in 2006 in Saint Louis, Missouri. After years of playing each other’s songs, they began to cultivate their individual ideas that naturally blended together to form Spectator. The duo draws comparisons to the dream-pop sensibilities of Mazzy Star and early Tennis. They’ve shared the stage with Cotton Jones, Tennis, Gardens and Villa, Louden Wainwright, and Kate Nash. They released their first EP, In the Brick, in 2012 and their next album, The Last Exchange, in 2015, both being recorded at Centro Cellar Studio in Columbia, Missouri. Produced by fellow Saint Louis musician, Kevin Bachmann (Summer Magic), who is also featured on bass, Charlie, Baby is being released April 2019 in Scandinavia on Painted Black, a subsidiary of Nordic Records.


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