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Silver Lake 66 Announces Single, "Blue Earth County"

Photo by Jason Quigley

The new single from Americana duo Silver Lake 66, “Blue Earth County,” speeds down an endless sweltering stretch of highway in a ‘73 convertible. Electric guitar, a Hammond organ and a sultry steel guitar lead us to a summer day on La Brea Ave in Los Angeles. Inspired by a life-changing decision to leave the Midwest and head across the country, the song follows a pursuit to find one’s place in this ever-chaotic world. “Blue Earth County” is the first single off the upcoming album Ragged Heart. It’s available for streaming on all major platforms January 28.

Maria Francis and Jeff Overbo combine an amalgamation of classic country, folk and blues throughout their music. With that combination, they add a cross-country and double-lifetime’s worth of real world experiences, crafting a richly polished grain to the finish of each song. “Blue Earth County” recounts an actual journey that Overbo took, leaving the open fields of the Minnesota for Los Angeles, and eventually landing in Portland. Beads of sweat can be felt in each note as a warm breeze from the V-8 engine rumble sifts through each measure. He sings his story with a whiskey-drenched tinge that follows each strip of highway along the open road.

On Ragged Heart, the couple combine authentic, heartstring-tugging songwriting, impeccable harmonies and ardent guitar-playing. It’s a common thread tying together the idea of a heart that is ragged around the edges, but still beating strong. While some songs have an autobiographical nod, others such as “Broken”, came to Overbo in a dream where he and Roy Orbison were hanging out, and playing this song together. Ragged Heart is a continuation of their journey as a couple, as individuals, and as a like-minded musical duo.


Ragged Heart Track Listing

  1. Blue Earth County
  2. Ragged Heart
  3. Broken
  4. Faded Tattoo
  5. Tender
  6. Check Out to Cash
  7. Hard Thing to Do
  8. Like a River
  9. Broken Dreams and Cigarettes
  10. Such a Mess

About Silver Lake 66:

Maria Francis and Jeff Overbo define modern Americana as Silver Lake 66. With an amalgamation of classic country, folk and blues, their songs have been hailed by numerous publications and radio stations. For nearly a decade through the 1990s, Francis and Overbo called Los Angeles their home. During that time, they fronted a band called The Ruby Trees. As The Ruby Trees, the couple performed in a slew of local LA clubs, which includes appearances at Ronnie Mack’s Barn Dance at The World-Famous Palomino Club. During this time, they also contributed a song to A Town South of Bakersfield, Volume 3 (Restless). They joined industry veterans Dale Watson, The Hellecasters and Harry Dean Stanton on the release. Silver Lake 66 was born after a musical hiatus and a move to Portland. The couple connected with like-minded Portland musicians who helped provide inspiration to get back into music. Silver Lake 66’s debut album, Let go or be dragged (2016) has been featured in The Huffington Post, No Depression, and For Folk’s Sake. Their upcoming album, Ragged Heart, is out April 2019.

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