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Quicksilver Daydream Announces June 16 Album Release

The upcoming debut release from Quicksilver Daydream, Echoing Halls, is an aqueous mixture of reverberating vocals set to psychedelic folk melodies. The album, mastered by TW Walsh (Damien Jurado, Foxygen) is due out on June 16. The first single, “Echoing Halls” is available as an approved downloadable mp3.

Adam Lytle, the creative spark behind Quicksilver Daydream, is a quiet individual who spends a lot of time alone with his thoughts in books and journals. He moved to Brooklyn from the farm where he grew up in a house nestled in the woods of Ohio, to a 1.5 bedroom apartment in one of the busiest cities in the world. This dramatic clash of locations contributed to the album and his identity as a musician. Lytle explains, “From the onset, I was forced to embrace the lack of isolation in the recordings. From bands playing next door while we recorded drums, to the renovations in the apartment next to mine, there always seemed to be somebody making noise at inopportune times. I had no choice but to proceed, placing mics in ways to minimize the excess noise. I kept reminding myself of Jeff Tweedy who said there’s a drill press on all of his records made at the Wilco Loft, because there is a working machine shop one floor above. In the end, it gives life to the recording. It lets you know they weren’t made in a void.”

The single “Echoing Halls” is a song that is meant to have some bite. It was written after an eye-opening and long night spent in a New York jail. Hallways stained in the yellow of flickering neon lights can be felt through the humbling desperation of the experience. Heavy reverb couples with the swirl and swell of harmonies that pay homage to the dancing melodies of the 60s. The rattle of chains can even be heard buried within the ambient melodies. Like a candle slowly burning “Echoing Halls” is both a whisper and a flame in the dark.

Echoing Halls Track Listing

  1. Sunrise
  2. See All
  3. Holy Range
  4. Echoing Halls
  5. Waking Eyes
  6. Only Light
  7. Bright Fires
  8. White Feathers
  9. North Wind
  10. Harvest

Tour Dates

04.07 Pete's Candy Store, Williamsburg
04.14 Bowery Electric, New York
05.18 Rockwood Music Hall, New York

About Quicksilver Daydream

Adam Lytle started Quicksilver Daydream in the fall of 2016. He is also one of principal songwriters in the band Wild Leaves, who have released two EP’s - Wind & Rain (2013), Hello Sunlight (2014) and one album, Dark Moon (2017). He has performed at CMJ, NXNE and Midpoint Music Festival. Wild Leaves has received press in Folk Radio UK, Baeble Music, and Obscure Sound. His debut album, Echoing Halls, is due out this summer.

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