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Orouni Announces April 19 Album

Partitions, the new album from French indie pop group, Orouni, guides the way through a musical reverie of an analytical mind. Inspired by songwriter Rémi Antoni’s perception of the world, Partitions navigates the internal atmosphere in which concepts like duality and dissociation are amplified with dazzling pop melodies and fluorescent chord progressions. The album as a whole basks in this aura of duality as both structure and fanciful sound entrance one another with unabashed whimsy. Partitions is out for release April 19 on December Square.


 Recorded at Tropicalia Studio in Paris, the thirteen songs that make up Orouni’s album, Partitions, are partnered with visual representations of color. Rémi Antoni, Orouni’s songwriter and composer, perceives colors when he plays chords because of a phenomenon called synaesthesia. This phenomenon is especially prevalent on the single, “Former Lorry Driver”. Each chord is associated with a single hue, which remains identical throughout the entire record. The record is based on the idea of dissociation represented in various forms: inversion, shifts, confrontation, duality, alter-egos, escape, and recomposition. In musical terms, this game of separating melody, harmony, structure, musician, and instrument isn’t self-evident to all, but neither was the record specifically geared towards the ears of musical analysts. The main goal of Partitions is to offer pop songs to its listeners. For this phenomenon to be experienced by anyone who listens to the album, Antoni created chromatic diagrams for each song. The root "chroma" designates a color for each song’s chord.


Partitions Track Listing

1. Decomposition
2. Former Lorry Driver
3. The Lives Of Elevators
4. Charles And Sylvester
5. Nora
6. No News Is Bad News
7. Henriette Pivots
8. Aloysius
9. Special Shadow
10. No Features
11. Suppression Of Local Control
12. I Was A Paratrooper
13. Total Novel
14. Son Of Mystery (bonus CD track)


About Orouni

Orouni is an indie pop outfit based out of Paris, France. Orouni’s songwriter, Rémi Antoni, gathers melodies that appear in his head while walking in nature. swimming in the sea, or observing architecture. Orouni has released three albums, A Matter Of Scale (2006), Jump Out The Window (2008), Grand Tour (2014), and a 2017 EP, Somewhere In Dreamland. The name Orouni was inspired by a talented musician in Jack Kerouac’s famous novel, On The Road, and symbolizes creative madness and freedom. Orouni has opened for artists such as Keaton Henson, Cate Le Bon, Sean O’Hagan and The Saxophones. Singer Emma Broughton has collaborated with Feist, Bon Iver, and Lisa Hannigan while bassist Steffen Charron has played with Melody’s Echo Chamber and Halo Maud. The group’s newest album, Partitions, is being released on December Square in April 2019.

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