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Model Citizen Announces Single, Every Time"

“Every Time”, the new single from Brooklyn 18-piece, Model Citizen, is a jaunting dance groove that sizzles with spunk and carefree exhilaration. Bursts of brass, jiving guitar, and upbeat percussion explode through sound barriers. Jazzy vocals shine above in the now exposed sky like a beam of smooth rhythm, adding a cheerful, warming tone to the glossy groove. The single will be released June 24. It’s off of the upcoming album, The Next Life, due out July 12.

Inspired by 60s and 70s soul, particularly Michael Jackson’s infectious Off The Wall, Model Citizen’s goal with “Every Time” was simple: to make people dance. The use of a picking guitar groove is a key musical element that makes the single swelter with soul. The lively horn section simmers and pops in sporadic rapid-fire jolts, pumping rhythm through the body of the song like a contagious dance epidemic. Rhythmic elements cascade from all over the sonic spectrum and wave like a torch burning with relentless tempo.

The upcoming album from Model Citizen, The Next Life, genre bends at every turn. Horn-filled Philly soul is followed by garage rock. A ballad straight from a mid-period Beatles album is followed by an emo-punk rager. Synthpop, power pop, guitar rock, country, reggae, folk, and an R&B ballad make their imprints in the fabric of the album as it wraps itself around each style of music. Arrangements modulate widely in their demeanor, from crowded anthems featuring 17 of the 18 members, to spare ballads that leave vocalist Josh Logan singing over a bare piano. Logan's vocal performance anchors the album, sculpting itself into each mold song-per-song. Songwriter Mark Ciani’s natural approach is to write songs of all different genres, throw them at the wall, and step back to admire the picture they create together.


The Next Life Track Listing:

  1. Every Time
  2. Magic Trick
  3. Get Out
  4. The Next Life
  5. The Other Shoe
  6. Death Wish
  7. I Will Resist
  8. Out of My Head
  9. No Goodbye
  10. Nuclear Dancehall
  11. Hell Hath No Fury
  12. Shattering a Fantasy Pt. 1

About Model Citizen:

Model Citizen is an 18 piece band, helmed by songwriter, producer, and keys player, Mark Ciani. The core of the group - Ciani (songwriter, producer, keys), Matt Musty (drums), Alvaro Kapaz (guitar), Ryan Gleason (bass), and engineer and co-producer Fernando Lodeiro - have collaborated on two prior full-length albums under two different names: Stone Mountain Station's Electric Sile_ce and The Alternative Facts' Don't Worry, Babe. Joining the fold for this iteration of the band is Josh Logan, a former contestant on The Voice. Unfurling from this core group, band names and members refashion themselves with each project, assuring idiosyncrasy as the backbone of each musical encounter. Their upcoming album, The Next Life is, what Ciani considers, his ultimate break-up album while also commenting on troubles with society and mental health. The Next Life is out for release in July 2019.

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