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Social Stance Saturday: Loss (by Harp Samuels)

Harp Samuels is a Melbourne-based singer/ songwriter whose upcoming album, Breathe (due out 9/14/2018), was birthed after losing his father. Having already lost his mother over a decade earlier, Samuels encapsulates what it means to grieve the loss of both parents. Breathe is an ambient-folk anthem of moving on after a loss, but before diving into the album when it comes out, you can read Samuels' Social Stance on loss below:

"Loss" by Harp Samuels

This time last year I had just lost my Father. I’d finished studying the school year in California and was just about to release my first album, Wanting. Suddenly, everything I cared about; all of the dreams and aspirations that held my heart hostage for the last season, were all on hold.

I restlessly wandered for a bit, did the work that I needed to do, and returned home to be faced by a whirlwind of emotions and feelings that I didn’t even realize were buried inside me. A loss is weird, and grief is a mystery. You think you’re okay one minute, then the next you’re slapped in the face with some strange emotion that seems to come from nowhere. A year later, I’m sitting in a Mexican restaurant in Ashland, Oregon while I wait for my car to get serviced just days after getting evacuated from the Carr fire: the 6th biggest in California's history. 6 people (that we know of) lost their lives, close friends lost their homes, I lost my accommodation for the week, and others lost personal items that were of great value to them.

Loss comes in different forms. Last year I lost a parent. This year I watched fire ravage the city where I lived and studied for two years. Tragedy favours nobody. It comes like a thief; takes lives, sometimes homes. It’s a chameleon. It has so many faces, characters, and methods. I’m still learning how to improvise with loss. To let grief come and go. To feel weird and emotional without even needing to know why. To have an ‘off day’ without judging yourself. One thing I know: life WILL throw you curve balls. They might be smaller, or they might be huge and totally destroy your world for a time. Feel what you need to feel. Have deep conversations with people you love and who love you back. Take a day to contemplate. Take a weekend to simply feel. Keep pressing into your dreams, even in the midst of the chaos, but whatever you do, don’t neglect your own heart.

If you or anyone you know is experiencing grief, click here for a great resource from Psyche Central to help navigate grief. 


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