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Kinder Than Wolves Releases New Single, “Hover”

A tense track about trying to maintain stability after loss, Kinder Than Wolves releases their second ambient single “Hover” off of the upcoming EP, Mean Something, due out April 15. Hazy, yet energetic, the single shimmers like a fading flashback lodged somewhere between the head and the heart.

“Hover” thrives on the moment when escaping the past becomes fight or flight. Guitarist and producer Paige Coley sings, “You used to calm me down, now I can barely feel the ground.” Those restless feelings are proficient throughout the song which effortlessly glides from subtle, pronounced guitar parts, to commanding drums as they sync up to an agitated bass line. The vocals become an internal conversation as each phrase lingers into the next, like an afterthought of the previous one.

About Kinder Than Wolves

Only their first record, they've already received praise from key British tastemakers, including BBC 6 Lauren Laverne, and Tom Robinson's Fresh on the Net. Made up of three audio engineers, Kinder Than Wolves, consisting of Paige Coley (vocals, guitar), Ryan Snow (guitar), and Grant Freeman (drums), radiates a hazy shade of gray on their sunny Orlando, Florida setting with their debut EP, Mean Something, due out April 15.

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