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Hezekiah Jones Releases New Indie-Folk Single, “Borrowed Heart”

Hezekiah Jones releases “Borrowed Heart,” the second single from the upcoming album In Loving Memory of oosi Lockjaw, due out November 13, 2015 on Woodfarm Records. In keeping with the album’s inclusion of pop-culture references, this track was written specifically for a scene in Bride of Frankenstein.


“Oh, what if she hates me?/ she might think I’m crazy/ she won’t want to be with me,” sings frontman Raph Cutrufello. These are normal fears for anyone searching for love. But Cutrufello isn’t singing about conventional romance here: he’s singing about Frankenstein’s Monster. “The scene is the building of the Bride for the monster and the monster’s impatience at the whole process. His need for someone to love and understand him and his insecurities in relation to his (at this point) unknown mate.”

Cutrufello’s telling of this tale is beautifully orchestral, and his voice is as charming as ever, accompanied by swelling strings, cymbals and ghostly vibrato. Kiley Ryan’s vocal performance on this track forms a climactic duet with Cutrufello as the two of them explore the Monster’s fears together. The combination of their voices is easy to fall in love with because of carefully crafted chord progressions, exemplifying Cutrufello’s usual wit and tenacity for creating moments that feel special.

About Hezekiah Jones
Hezekiah Jones is the musical collaboration of over 75 artists lead by Philadelphian native Raphael Cutrufello. In Loving Memory of oosi Lockjaw departs in recording style from Hezekiah Says You’re A-OK and previous records released by Yerbird and Quite Scientific in which Cutrufello layered the music independently of the band. Oosi, however, has contributions from multiple family members. Other than Cutrufello, the band’s third full length album, released by Woodfarm Records, features Brad Hinton on guitars and vocals, Philip D’Agostino on bass, Matt Helm on guitars, Kiley Ryan on fiddle and vocals, Daniel Bower on drums, and Andrew Lipke on whatever object was placed in front of his hands. The Jones family never truly stops growing though, as the band performs live with other artists often, including Chris Kasper, Chris Bathgate, Good Old War, Samantha Crain and many others.

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Tour Dates
10.08 The Garage, Charlottesville, VA
11.14 Ardmore Music Hall, Ardmore, PA
11.19 Rockwood Music Hall,New York, NY
11.20 The Monkey House, Winooski, VT

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