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Getaway Dogs Announce Single, "Only In Retrospect"

“Only In Retrospect”, the new single from Bay Area group Getaway Dogs, drenches the atmosphere with spacey psychedelic dream surf drifting into the moving hands of time. To convey the concept of time as a circle, or nonlinear, the single eases in with the hum of analog space delay, a shaker and cross-stick percussion that builds into a full kit before returning to the beginning in a full-circle daze. Ethereal, finger-picked guitar and breathy vocals send the track to higher planes of thought and reflection. “Only In Retrospect” is the first single off the upcoming album, titled BELONG and is out for release July 15. The single is accompanied with a beautiful animation video created by one of Santa Cruz’s hardest working artists, Oliver Whitcroft. Watch the video for "Only In Retrospect" here.

“Only In Retrospect” is a contemplative journey through time that blunts the edge of the past and blurs the lines of the future. The first verse opens into synth-driven grooves dancing with an effortless melody that takes its time to unfold, unfurling into a groovy psychedelic eruption of sound. The line “All will distill and dilute into its eternal essence,” represents the feeling of impermanence and the acceptance of it as each word is pulled toward the music, billowing outward into gentle, open space. Percussion leads in the background as high hats cut through the noise, creating a necessary tension that alerts the psyche from drifting too far from the center of the movement. “Only In Retrospect” is a dreamscape in itself, unfurling the mind’s perceptions of time and color to create room for broader strokes of reflection.


About Getaway Dogs

Getaway Dogs is the brainchild of Brazilian-Californian songwriter Kai Killion. Nearly impossible to genrefy, their sound has been dubbed “Cushy Bedroom Psychedelic Bossanova & Dreamsurf. ”Prior to this band, Killion made one solo album called Mermaid Legs & Getaway Dogs (2013), where the band name was born. Their debut album, Lost In The Ebb, was released in 2016. They have shared the stage with notable acts such as Tommy Guerrero, Durand Jones & The Indications, and Space Captain, and have been a part of festivals such as Do-It-Ourselves Fest, Whole Earth UC Davis and the Mill Valley Fall Arts Festival. The band currently consists of Killion (guitars/vocals), Spencer Higgins (drums, percussion), Lucas Heinel (percussion, synth) and Chili Corder (bass).


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