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Dream Reporter Announces Single, "It Stays"

The new dream pop single from London artist Dream Reporter marches to the beat of a mesmerizing metronome dripping in shimmering gold. “It Stays” is a haunting and cinematic song that envelopes into a punchy approach. Like Gothic pillars crafted by human touch, or an undiscovered field tucked away behind society’s reach, the single is simultaneously haunting and cathartic. Imagine someone heard your deepest secret and wrote an anthem just for you. “It Stays” is due out on February 18.

“It Stays” moves like a rhythmic heartbeat echoing in the transcendental hours between midnight and dawn. A repetitious cadence simulates a hypnotic feeling that dilates pupils and steadies your breath. The buzz of an electric guitar melts into anthemic drums and electronic pulses delivering a bubbling cauldron of sound. “It Stays” is like a hard rain falling from a thick London haze, only in reverse, with the droplets rising to the heavens above. It builds throughout, until the ultimate release bursts with a shot of sonic adrenaline straight to the bloodstream.


About Dream Reporter:

Hailing from London, Dream Reporter is immediately captivating. In her first releases Dream Reporter captures a sense of catharsis. The songs are powerful indie rock meditations, swirling with atmosphere, often haunting and complex in their simplicity. The arrangements are generally sparse and undistracting with a healthy reliance on repetitive vocal motifs.


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