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CMJ Mixtape Features Therese Aune’s "In My Quiet Place"

Therese Aune’s Billowing Shadows, Flickering Light features keening vocals and meaningful lyrics, which have received attention from tastemakers located far from her native Norway. CMJ featured her acoustic dream pop track “In My Quiet Place” on their August mixtape. The track starts softly, a pastoral tone poem of piano, cello and violin spinning a gentle spell until the drums kick in sending Aune’s wordless vocals on a flight of breathless exaltation. Aune explains that while she’s a very social person, oftentimes being constantly surrounded by people gives her an urge to seek out her special place.

See the CMJ post here 

The album’s tracks have also received features from Magnet, which urged readers to “hop on the wagon now,” and Indie Shuffle’s Christiana Bartolini, who praised the drama Aune conveys in her lyrics. Among others, her songs have received praise from Paste, My Old Kentucky Blog and MagnetBillowing Shadows, Flickering Light is out now on Red Eye Transit.  

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