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Chris DuPont Announces November 13 Album Release

Ann Arbor folk artist, Chris DuPont, releases his new album, Outlier, on November 13. The record’s first single, “Forgiveness”, is available as a downloadable MP3 on Sept 8. The theme of Outlier is confronting darkness through thoughtful deliberation, and each song showcases this idea in a different way. 

Faced with the new challenge of becoming a father, DuPont bares his difficulties with family and his own sense of belonging. Full of his trademark vulnerability and candor, Outlier is a confession and an absolution in one. “Outlier describes me, but also helps represent the work as a whole.” says DuPont. “Many of the tunes are about thinking differently or mindfully, which can make you an outlier in your community.” 

The tracklist parallels the message of the album: the songs are isolated from each other, facing different struggles with a form of pain or darkness that threatens to consume the mind. Outlier provides us with a means of fighting back against despair and heartbreak by altering our perceptions--by thinking in new and positive ways.

The album’s first single, “Forgiveness,” brings us the first taste of this message. For DuPont, who finds himself front and center in this track, it is one of the most personal and self-representative songs he has ever written, telling of his internal struggle to forgive loved ones who have harmed him, even when they refuse to do the same. It is haunting, but far from hopeless, giving listeners a new sense of strength to reconcile with loved ones who have done them wrong. The song is straightforward and raw, held together by sparse piano chords as acoustic guitar, drums and bass shuffle forward with intent. DuPont says, “It makes its point and gets out, which lines up with the message very well. Speak your truth, get it over with, forgive and forget.”

Outlier Track Listing

  1. Walk Next to Me
  2. Forgiveness
  3. Cut the Tie
  4. Erase the Blow
  5. Evergreen Waltz
  6. Holding it Together
  7. Throw Wide
  8. Beside
  9. Circle
  10. Antiphon

About Chris DuPont

Chris DuPont's sophomore effort has its roots in folk music, and its branches spreading wide across conventional genre divides with influences ranging from classic American songwriters like James Taylor and Tom Waits, to artists like Tycho and Philip Glass. In Outlier, the classic eloquence of the 70s collides with a present-day catharsis; classic Americana themes become married to contemporary notions of self-care, and speaking your own truth. DuPont has shared stages with Lucius, Edwin McCain, and Needtobreathe.

Tour Dates
9/30/2015 SpeakEZ Lounge, Grand Rapids, MI with Frances Luke Accord
10/2/2015 Outlier Ann Arbor Release Show, Towsley Auditorium, with Frances Luke Accord and Abigail Stauffer
10/7/2015 Rockwood Music Hall NY, NY with Frances Luke Accord
10/8/2015 Ebenezer's WA, DC with Frances Luke Accord
10/10/2015 Rohs St. Cafe Cincinnati, OH with Frances Luke Accord
10/15/2015 Crescendo Espresso Bar, Madison, WI with Frances Luke Accord
10/18/2015 Var Gallery, Milwaukee, WI with Frances Luke Accord
10/22/2015 The Hideout, Chicago, IL with FLA
10/23/2015 The Birdsell Mansion Ballroom, South Bend, IN with FLA
10/24/2015 Logan St. Sanctuary, Noblesville, IN with FLA
10/25/2015 Indy Reads Books, Indianapolis, IN with FLA

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