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Can You Resist Digital Temptation?

“The latest single from Boston-based ambient singer/songwriter *Chi is “Digital Temptation.” The vocals show similarities to Nine Inch Nails, as does the instrumentation, with very laid-back, ambient electronics and heavy bass lines.” --Magnet Magazine

Utilizing this title track to explore the depths of our modern digital age, Ray Ward, of *Chi, has skillfully crafted a musical landscape in “Digital Temptation” through which the listener can traverse between two worlds: the real and the digital.

Check out the full article on Magnet Magazine, and stream "Digital Temptation" on SoundCloud.

As of late, many people’s lives revolve around waiting for a response, whether it be via email, text, call, or Facebook message. While Ward was walking one night, this idea hit him in the form of the line “waiting on your call/waiting on your conversation”. Not fully knowing where this creative kernel would take him, Ward began working on what would become “Digital Temptation”. The single started to take form as he realized the words were about that feeling of desperation in waiting for someone to respond to you. “As I wrote the song I was thinking about how we connect with others and how that’s changed in the digital space,” Ward said. “Sometimes a digital connection can fill a void, but other times it can amplify a sense of loneliness.”

“Digital Temptation” reflects on the process of connecting with others generally, and what it means to form a digital identity. The haunting melodies, driving bass and Ward’s contrastingly enticing and eerie vocals create a well-crafted match to the mysterious depths the song explores. Peppered with rock-style guitar riffs, this song is an undeniable temptation.

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