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Bear Lake Releases "Only War" mp3


Inspiration can come from any source; the world around us, the great beyond, even your gorilla-suit clad producer.  Bear Lake, an indie pop quintet from Detroit has pulled all of these influences together in the latest release from If You Were Me, "Only War". The track, with its melding of electronic elements and vocal effects with traditional rock instruments, has a moody feel owing partly to the fact that it was recorded on Halloween. "That particular night had a real impact on the song," says Jon Rice vocalist and guitarist. "It gave it a darker, more mysterious vibe than the original demo presented. There's something about recording a tune and looking up at your producer fully cloaked in a giant gorilla costume that makes you think about things differently." "Only War" is reminiscent of Death Cab for Cutie, particularly in the way it gives off a feel good vibe despite its troubled-relationship lyrics. Download "Only War" now

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