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Are You Connected to Your Roots?

"'Black Stone' is full of strange, mystic imagery: sleeping ladies, red-tailed hawks, the black stone of the title. It all converges in a song that is both beautiful and beguiling." —Wondering Sound

The Belle Sounds co-creator and main songwriter, Noëlle Hampton, goes back to her childhood roots in the newest single, “Black Stone”, off the upcoming EP, due out for release September 9.

Check out the full article on Wondering Sound, and stream “Black Stone” on SoundCloud!

Growing up on the slopes of Mount Tamalpais located in Mill Valley, Calif., Hampton cultivated an endearing relationship with the nature surrounding her home. Wanting the song to be a reflection of that time in her life, Hampton describes the song as, “The exact feeling I would have when hiking on the Mountain, heart pounding, through the dark and haunting redwoods and all of a sudden it opens up into a stunning clearing overlooking the ocean.”

With pounding drums, rich and robust guitar work, and soaring melodies, the song serves as a tribute to Hampton’s childhood home, along with its rich Native American heritage, and is sure to inspire kid-like joy to anyone who listens.

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