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Albi & The Wolves Announce Single, "I'd Go Anywhere"

“I’d Go Anywhere,” the new single from New Zealand three-piece Albi & The Wolves, explores the heartache of falling out of love. Both endearing and tragic, the tender duet’s dreamy string arrangements and soft acoustic guitar intertwine as male-female vocals sway back and forth, speaking to one another in a heartbreaking tongue. The single is the second off of their upcoming album, This Is War, and is out for release July 12.

“I’d Go Anywhere” explores the range of emotions that flash through the mind at the realization that love is fleeting. Musically, the single is charming and starry-eyed, much like the beginning of a romance that fills the heart with fanciful euphoria. However, love walks a fine line with loss, and “I’d Go Anywhere” explores the exact moment where that line is drawn. A back and forth duet, “I’d Go Anywhere” features vocals from Amy Maynard, one part of New Zealand duo, Looking For Alaska. The lyrical and vocal sentiment is heart-rending as each utterance carries the weight of the once starry-eyed lovers now watching each other slowly drift away. 

This Is War, the upcoming album from Albi & The Wolves is a culmination of three years of meeting people and telling their stories. The group worked with producer Scott Seabright to meticulously discuss the production of this record and capture the energy of the band as they present their music to a live audience. This time around the sound is bigger, and each story resonates on a deeper level, as three years of gathering material would do. On This Is War, each band member has their own moment to shine. Vocal harmonies blend with each instrument to create an atmosphere well beyond the walls of a studio, and each voice stands out, but comes together with weaving violin in songs like “Waiting for a Train”, as piano is lifted and carried out with each melody to break the band’s creative boundaries. The album also features appearances by Aaron and Amy from Looking For Alaska on “I’d Go Anywhere,” a tale about heartbreak that came to be when promoting a show the groups were playing together. Renowned New Zealand banjo player, Nat Torkington, also performed on several tracks as did percussionist Helena Piper.


This Is War Track Listing

  1. This Is War
  2. Closing Time
  3. Wayfaring Stranger
  4. Oh Father
  5. I’d Go Anywhere Ft Looking For Alaska
  6. Waiting For A Train
  7. It Ain’t Easy
  8. Something In The Way
  9. Story
  10. Canyon


About Albi & The Wolves

Each of the three members of Albi & The Wolves grew up in Auckland, New Zealand, but each with three vastly different backgrounds. From Switzerland to Texas, their upbringings combine to create a vast, ever-growing sound that reflects each of their experiences. Chris Dent (the proud albino front man, Albi), Pascal Roggen, and Micheal Young respectively contribute to the music from broadly different musical backgrounds. The band is renowned for their great stage presence and the motionless dynamic within their shows that they have evolved by touring New Zealand extensively. Albi & The Wolves have won the Best Folk Artist 2018 TUI at the New Zealand Music Awards for their debut album One Eye Open. So whether it’s Woodford Folk Festival in Brisbane, Australia, or a humble homestead in rural New Zealand, the band bring their world-class sense of humor and spirit with them wherever the music goes.

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