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High Five! Great Food on the Road

Any band who has been on tour knows the importance of finding those places to make them feel a just a little bit more at home. No strangers to the road, Boston based Americana duo, Adela & Jude gave us a few tips on best places for a good, no, let's make that a great meal. Proscuitto and mozarella baguette = yum.


1. Hollywood Gardens, Rochester, PA








This place is a GEM, one of the best places the we played on tour. Like a hip Brooklyn bar got dropped into a railroad town nestled up against the Ohio river, we were floored when we walked into this joint.  300 kinds of beer, Prosciutto and homemade Mozzarella Baguette is heaven – gets a big high five from us. Great guy owns it, and is very support to touring bands.  


2. Joyce’s Place, Pikeville KY








We stopped in this little town that’s nestled in the Coal Country of West Virginia.  One of the best basic burgers Jude has ever had in his life, straight up with cheese, lettuce and tomato – no frills, no arty accessories. And it was all of three dollars! Real true people run this awesome place, which features original 45’s of Porter Wagonner and Loretta Lynn in the jukebox.  

3. Robert’s Western World, Nashville, TN








Yes we succumbed to playing Lower Broad while we were in bowels of Country music’s city of light.   But – the saving grace, the Fried Baloney sandwich…. More than a must have, it’s a religious experience to sit at the bar at Roberts on a Sunday morning, have a FBS, PBR and a bag of chips.  


4. Manga Qui, Harrisburg, PA








Tucked down a side street in the capital city is a wonder of a tapas bar, live music, ( although the load in is a bitch… ) they serve some of the most inventive and delicious food anywhere we’ve found.  Stuff to die for, drinks that have no refined sugar – just agave nectar…. Sooo good.   Eat upstairs where you play, at Sub Rosa,  we’re headed back.

5. Room Service:  Yes








When we get the opportunity to stay in a hotel, instead of sleeping in the van picking up the phone ordering up some desserts, Makers and a couple beers is truly a delight. Especially at 3am after a show.  Any hotel, any town, as long as they have room service all night long.  

Download Adela & Jude's "High Granite Plains" mp3 here.

To celebrate the end of the nine to five, a Green Light Go staff member or artist will leave you with their short list of favorite things, better known as the High Five!

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