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Your One-Sheet Checklist

If you are getting serious about the media listening to your music, then making a one- sheet might be useful for you.

What is a one- sheet? It is a one-page overview and representation of your band and/or music that media, record stores, booking agents, and more look at to determine how sellable you are. But where do you start? How do you make a one-sheet that is physically appealing, and what do you even put in it that will grab the media's attention? 

There is a list of 5 basic components that you should include in your one-sheet, along with other helpful tips. Click here to read the full article on Tunecore. 



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One-sheets are typically used when planning a release, so take it a step further by downloading our Album Release Planning Schedule. Having an organized plan for releasing and promoting your music will help to emphasize your one-sheet and get you steps closer to being ready for the media. Click here to download! 

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