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What Music Puts You in the Mood?

Janelle Rogers photo by Mare CostelloIt’s not very often I get to listen to bands solely for the purpose of connecting with how I’m feeling. A few weekends ago, I did just that. I had a rough week with a lot of new lessons and went to one of my go to songs for that purpose: Ray LaMontagne’s “Lesson Learned”.

I then moved on to Rachael Yamagata because I simply needed to sing “Worn Me Down” at the top of my lungs. Talk about cathartic.

 How many of us have started the sentence with “I’m in the mood for…” when deciding what song, band or album we want to listen to?

Oftentimes, I think those of us in the music industry forget what motivates people to listen to music in the first place. We listen because we want to feel something different than we currently feel, validate how we do feel, or want to feel a piece of nostalgia for an artist who signifies a point in time both directly and indirectly.

The average consumer will not be searching by “indie rock, electro pop, or indie folk most likely, but by “sad songs,” “mellow songs,” or “songs about love.” Even as a music industry veteran I rarely go through my collection and ask myself what indie folk band can I listen to today?

Today’s post will teach you to think like a consumer (and potential new fan) so you are properly listing and tagging your soundcloud for the greatest exposure.

1. Moods

As stated above, moods may be one of the most important ways you can tag your Soundcloud songs if you want to draw new fans who will connect with your music. Think about how and where someone could potentially listen to your songs and go from there. Examples could be workout songs, dance, or contemplative songs. If you aren’t sure where to start head on over to places like Stereomood or AllMusic for ideas. Even Spotify has now started categorizing playlists by mood and lifestyle.

2. Band location

This one is pretty basic, but where is your band located? Also think about city nicknames or possible neighborhoods that could be influential. Detroit for instance could be Detroit, Detroit Rock City, Motown, Midwest.

3. Band name

This one is self-explanatory at first glance, but I see a lot of bands tag improperly so the band name doesn’t appear together in one tag. For instance, if the name is “The Memorial Library”, it will appear as three separate tags as “the,” “memorial,” and “library.” This obviously is not the most conducive to potential fans finding your music. The quick remedy is to simply make sure to put quotes around your band name when adding it and the name will stay intact in one tag.

4. Genres

Genres can be great for music industry people who are scouting for a specific niche. Brainstorm a half a dozen possible genres people could search for based on your music and add them for increased exposure. If you are stumped on genres take a look at based on artists who have been compared to you to get ideas.

5. Themes

Themes can be another way to increase exposure. Examples of themes could include pop culture events, holidays, seasons, cultural sub-groups etc. Perhaps your single is a great love song. You could add themes like love, Valentine’s Day, Sweetest Day, Hallmark, couples, etc.

6. Producer/Studio

Did you work with an established producer or studio who has a name for themselves? Include the name in the tag, as well as any notable bands in his genre that he’s produced (also include this in your description).


Green Light GO: Add ten new tags to one of your songs based on the suggestions above.


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