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We know the struggle is real when it comes to bands and budgets.

"Budget," you say, "What's that?"

Does "I'm a self-financed artist" ring true for you?

We don't believe in limitations, even when the circumstances appear to dictate otherwise.

Imagine having access to indie rock blog and Spotify contacts who are interested in hearing from you. Imagine saving all those hard earned hours tracking down the right contacts for your music, only to discover you don't stand a chance. Imagine if those hours were instead spent doing what you love most, make music. 

It's taken us years to find the right contacts for the bands we represent. It takes hours upon hours (upon hours) digging into the music blogs and Spotify playlists to determine what they love, how they love to get it and how to speak their language.

At GLG, we believe in the power of giving back. We know not every band can afford a traditional music pr campaign where we advocate for you based on our 20+ years in the music industry.

Tell us where to send your Ten for $10 Indie Rock Directory by clicking here. 

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Janelle is the owner of Green Light Go. When she's not spreading the word on her favorite bands she can usually be found riding her road bike through Michigan, designing super hip clothes or analyzing people much to their dismay.
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