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Wes Youssi - Album Case Study

Campaign Overview and Goals: In the winter of 2017, Green Light Go began a campaign with Portland outlaw country musician Wes Youssi to release his album, Down Low. The major goal for his campaign was to secure more reviews and mentions to help gain traction with booking better shows. 

Strategy: The strategy for Wes Youssi was to focus on his music style, delivery, and story teller lyrics that pulled back the curtain to offer an honest glimpse into his life. It was also important to help garner attention with local media to assist with Portland shows. 

Results: Through this approach we were able to secure coverage with key tastemakers including Paste Magazine, KINK fm, No Depression, and Ear to the Ground, with 27 placements in total for a 50 contact campaign.


Paste Magazine

Ear to the Ground




Paste Magazine - Album Review - 1/16/18

Ear to the Ground - Artist Feature - 1/10/18


Americana-UK - Single Review - 1/12/18

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