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Paste Magazine Features Wes Youssi

Paste Magazine recently featured Wes Youssi's new album, Down Low, with a full review.  In a world where country music has turned into AutoTuned songs about bros and bikinis, anyone who keeps things classic stands out like the most bedazzled of Nudie suits. While Hank Williams, George Jones and Jim Reeves...  

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AllMusic Reviews The Incredible Vickers Brothers

On March 9, 2018 The Incredible Vickers Brothers released Torch Songs For swingers, and AllMusic gave their review of the upbeat power-pop album.  "Torch Songs was produced by Vickers' former Orange Peels bandmate Allen Clapp, and revels in tones of jangling power pop and smartly arranged pseudo-Americana replete with the kind of harmonies that could only be achieved by a blood relative...  

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The Bluegrass Situation Premieres Matt Hectorne's New Album

The Bluegrass Situation has the exclusive premiere of Matt Hectorne's new album, Work. The LP will be released on January 19, but you can stream it right now  by going here.  “I feel it’s my most realized work, as far as my work as a writer, singer, arranger, producer, and frontman. I...  

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Fresh on the Net Features Baeilou

  UK music blog, Fresh on the Net, featured "Eleanora", the new baroque-folk single from Baeilou. There is a mystery behind the track, fueled by Mia Pixley's talented cello playing. "Eleanora" ignores boundaries and delivers a sound of its own at full force, picking up haunting pieces along the way. The...  

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PopMatters Premieres Joel Levi

Americana singer, Joel Levi, announces his upcoming self-titled album, and PopMatters has the exclussive premiere of the first single, "Will We Ever Change?"  "Taking a page out of the playbook of artists like Dawes and Jason Isbell, Joel Levi is all about weaving a searingly heartfelt string into his brand of...  

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The Bluegrass Situation Premieres Rebekah Rolland's Album by Bri

Rebekah Rolland's new album, "Seed & Silo" premieres on The Bluegrass Situation.

Dusty Stray - "Through The Atmosphere" Music Video by Paul Corsi

From Dusty Stray album Estranged to be released October 12, 2018 on Great Waters. Produced by Kramer.

James Rose Announces Single, “Lullabies to the Ocean” by Paul Corsi

Named The Deli LA’s “Artist of the Month”, James Rose, releases his new indie folk single from the upcoming EP, Lullabies to the Ocean (due out July 27). The title-track is a love song from a translucent moon to the ocean below.

Should You Premiere Your Next Single? by Janelle

Think a premiere is your only chance of success? Find out when you should offer a premiere and when you shouldn't.

This article appears in the Green Light Grow blog.

Nickel&Rose Announces Single, “Americana” by Paul Corsi

Opening with a dusty roll and sweltering haze, the new single from Nickel&Rose, “Americana”, tells the forgotten story of African music in roots and American music. A blend of traditional and cross-continental influence lay the foundation for a culture left behind.

It's Just a Haircut (Social Stance by Mackenzie Shivers) by Bri

Mackenzie Shivers is a musician, songwriter, and a woman why has battled opposition for not being "feminine". Read about her experiences with gender inequality in this Social Stance Saturday post. 

Fresh on the Net Features Baeilou by Bri

Baeilou is a balancing act of talent and intrigue. Read about her single, "Eleanora", on Fresh on the Net's Fresh Faves. 

Summer Magic Announces Single, “Hey!” by Paul Corsi

Co-produced at Native Sound Recording with David Beeman (Pokey Lafarge, Tristen) and mixed by David Vandervelde (Father John Misty), the new single from Summer Magic, “Hey!” is dripping in sweet, golden sunshine melodies full of infectious hooks and harmonies.

Drop Your Weapons (Social Stance Saturday by Karla Kane) by Bri

Karla Kane is a solo artist, a part of the band The Corner Laughers, a proud feminist, a mother, and now a GLG Social Stance Saturday participant. Read her Social Stance on gun control now. 

Rebekah Rolland Announces Single, “Hole in the Earth” by Paul Corsi

The new Americana single from Rebekah Rolland, “Hole in the Earth” creates an ominous atmosphere within the prairie hills. Inspired by caves dug out of the earth by homesteaders, it lures listeners into a gritty and otherworldly reality of early life on the plains. 

Turning Your Fans Into Advocates by Janelle

Do you want to connect with a fanbase that will actually help you promote your music? Read this article about ways you can turn your fans into advocates.

For The Youth, For Our Future by Bri

Heartland Americana band, The Stubborn Lovers, have spent time giving back to p:ear, an organization in Portland that works with homeless youth. Read about the great things this organization does and how you can invest in the youth around you.

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