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Matt Tarka Announces September 13 'Surely Late' EP Release

Inspiration can strike at even the most inopportune times, whether it’s in the middle of the night, waiting at a red light, or even riding a train back home. The steady click of the wheels on the iron tracks are the rhythmic whispers of a muse singing for anyone who will listen. D.C. indie rock artist Matt Tarka announces the EP, Surely Late, a collection of these captured moments, due out November 18. Weaving isolated instances of heartbreak and rejection, he creates a sound that remedies nostalgia while still delighting with melodic surprise. The first single, “Very Little” is available as an approved downloadable mp3.

A bright and steady acoustic guitar is complimented by the slight twang of an infectious electric lead to create the foundation upon which Tarka lays his lyrical home. “Very Little” is an upbeat song written from the point of view of somebody always accommodating to another person - physically, mentally, and even emotionally. Listen closely to discover the slight waver in Tarka’s vocals, filling in the pieces of the overstressed picture. “Very Little” would feel perfectly at ease on the needle of a turntable, or turned up with the windows down on the highway.

According to Tarka, “This record documents a point in my life where no matter how hard I aimed to press forward, I found myself staring at the clock and falling behind.” A relatable sentiment, Surely Late builds upon this common theme. Songs like “Now or Never” speak to the more toxic and calculating relationship problems, while others like the more folk driven tune “Bring A Glass” reflect on the inability to commit to a deeper love. Starting out as pieces of songs written on notebooks under his bed, Tarka presents a cohesive arrangement, mixed by Mitch Easter (R.E.M, Pavement, Dinosaur Jr.).

Surely Late Track Listing

  1. Now or Never
  2. Surely Late
  3. Very Little
  4. Bring A Glass

About Matt Tarka

Matt Tarka is an indie rock musician from Washington D.C. His music combines life’s contemplative themes with an upbeat, infectious sound. Tarka has been featured as one of Relix Magazine’s “Artists On The Rise” and was nominated for The Deli’s “DC Artist of The Month.” Tarka has also performed alongside bands including The Ladybug Transistor. He has released two EPs, Motorcycle Breakfast (2011) and Farragut Square (2014), and is now set to release his latest, Surely Late, which was mixed by Mitch Easter (R.E.M, Dinosaur Jr.).

Tour Dates

09.10 The Shrine World Music Venue, New York, NY
09.29 Gypsy Sally's, Washington, DC

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