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Emerald Park Announces June 23 Go! Go! Go! EP Release by Janelle

Swedish indie pop group, Emerald Park, will release their GO! GO! GO! EP on Smaragd Records on June 23.

Mike Wojniak 'Anima Mundi' EP Out 7/22 - Stream in Full On Surviving the Golden Age by Megan Fisher

the four songs of Anima Mundi shows an artist at his best, with no filler, just streamlined great songwriting. --Adam Morgan - Surviving the Golden Age

All Living Things On The Planet Are Intrinsically Connected by Eric

Mike Wojniak to Release Anima Mundi EP - Due out July 22 on Golden Wave Records

Magnet Features Mixtape from Post-Pop Band The Anatomy of Frank by Janelle

“Virginia post-pop up ‘n’ comers The Anatomy of Frank are releasing debut LP Pangaea on July 16. We shelled out a free mp3 of their track ‘Bill Murray’ last month, and now the guys wanted to hook us up with a mix tape.” –Magnet

NXNE 2013 Welcomes the Morals to the Line-Up by Janelle

the Morals offer listeners heartbreaking harmonies and love ballads filled with raw sincerity, and their audience – much like their songs – is consistently building.

Walter Sickert & The ARmy of BRoken TOys Joins NXNE 2013 Lineup by Janelle

Walter Sickert & The ARmy of BRoken TOys are the spinners of a charming, demented fairy tale that gathers new characters all the time.

Golden Bloom Joins NXNE 2013 Lineup by Janelle

The 19th annual North by Northeast Music Festival will add a dose of melodic indie-pop to this year's event. Golden Bloom has been welcomed to the NXNE 2013 lineup.

Staff Infection: London by Megan Fisher

London calling!

This article appears in the Staff Infection blog.

The Other Side with The Music Slut's Jamie (Skye) McIntyre by Janelle

This week’s Other Side unveils part two of our The Music Slut feature with co-founder feature Jamie (Skye) McIntyre, who explains why Skype holds the key to a great interview, gushes about his love of ‘cheesy pop’ bands, and gives insight into the blogging world.

This article appears in the The Other Side blog.

Golden Bloom Joins Forces With The National, Mates of State for The Philistines Jr Compilation by Janelle

Download "Working Title: The Mob Song", Golden Bloom's Philistines Jr cover, now!

RIYL: Florence + the Machine, The Decemberists by Janelle

A list of our favorite artists with records being released this week: Florence + the Machine and The Decemberists. (Special Guest Appearance from Golden Bloom!)

This article appears in the RIYL blog.

Golden Bloom To Play Official CMJ Showcase At Local 269 On Tuesday, October 18th by Janelle

On Tuesday October 18th Shawn Fogel of Golden Bloom will be playing an official CMJ Showcase, at The Local 269.

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