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Fresh MP3 Friday Does Monsters and Astronauts by Megan Fisher

Download new singles from Marian Call and The Modern Airline

The Modern Airline Releases New Video “Periods of Missing Time” Out Now by Janelle

Check out the Modern Airline's new video for "Periods of Missing Time"!

Fresh MP3 Friday Free Falls with The Modern Airline's New Single "Voyage to the Bottom of the Sky" by Megan Fisher

Growing up around airports your whole life is sure to impact a person.

Now Boarding The Modern Airline - New Wave Quintet Releases Self-Titled Debut September 4 by Megan Fisher


You know you've got something unique on your hands even before you hear note one of The Modern Airline's self-titled debut.


Fresh MP3 Friday: The Modern Airline by Megan Fisher

Head the size of a punching balloon.

The Modern Airline Releases MP3 Inspired by The Outer Limits “Accelerated Evolution” Available for Download Now by Janelle

Give The Modern Airline's new single a few spins. "Accelerated Evolution" is the sci-fi, Outer Limits inspired single, available for free now!

The Modern Airline Celebrates Self-Titled Debut Saturday, June 9 at The Trash Bar by Megan Fisher

The Modern Airline will bring their delightfully spastic live show to The Trash Bar.

Fresh MP3 Friday: Red Bull and Black Friday by Janelle

Red Bull and music for your Black Friday frenzy. 

Fresh MP3 Friday: One is the Loneliest Number by Janelle

One is the loneliest number, three is company and two is just enough...

GLG Fresh MP3 Friday by Janelle

Free music for your Friday Afternoon.

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