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Screamfeeder Announces June 23 Album Release by Paul Corsi

The 7th studio release from Australian indie rock band Screamfeeder, Pop Guilt, takes on 90s post punk with infectious modern melodic pop.

The Other Side with Photographer Doug Coombe by Janelle

Detroit photographer Doug Coombe talks about how Outrageous Cherry motivated him to take photography courses, explains why he is still kicking himself for forgetting to bring a camera to Nirvana's show at St. Andrew's Hall, and reveals why it takes hard work, patience, and a decent sense of humor to shoot live bands.

This article appears in the The Other Side blog.

Fresh Mp3 Friday: Pitchfork Festival by Janelle

Pitchfork Festival celebration with our Chicago bands.

This article appears in the Fresh Mp3 Friday blog.

Fresh MP3 Friday: Summer Trail Mix by Janelle

Snack on this summer road trip trail mix.

GLG Fresh MP3 Friday: Experimentation by Janelle

A taste of real experimental music: Feed your ears to this zero calorie recipe that imporves hearing! 


Seafarer Shows their Hiding Places to a Wider Audience by Janelle

Check out the new album by Seafarer, “Hiding Places.”

Favorite Friday with Echo Orbiter: Underrated Albums By Olivia Tremor Control and Van Dyke Parks by Janelle

Check out Echo Orbiter

Music Monday - Crawdaddy! by Janelle

Angela Zimmerman of the legendary rock magazine, Crawdaddy!, gives her answers to the Music Monday survey.

This article appears in the The Other Side blog.

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