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20 Jazz Funk Greats UK features Badlands on Guest Mix by Nina

Locus, by Badlands is featured on 20 Jazz Funk Greats UK.

Hezekiah Jones Announces November 13 Album Release by Alex Marsack

The Jones family reunites as Hezekiah Jones announces the release of In Loving Memory of oosi Lockjaw November 13th

Swedish Duo, Blind Lake, Releases Debut Album, On earth, June 9 by Janelle

Swedish duo, Blind Lake announces the release of their debut album, On earth, due out June 9, 2015.As the genres seamlessly interlace and meld into a cohesive mix anchored by the harmonies between Wenglén and Wieslander, On earth is like an exploration into the unknown: love, death, divorce and unconfirmed alien abductions-the everyday big stuff through a slightly distorted lens.

Walk The Line Of Funk, Rock, And Orchestral With Anabot by Megan Fisher

Anabot releases intoxicating single, “Candy-Eyed” from forthcoming EP, Kiss Like A Knife, out Dec. 2.

The Modern Airline Releases New MP3 by Megan Fisher

“Monster on the Campus” Available For Download Now!

The Modern Airline Releases New Video “Periods of Missing Time” Out Now by Janelle

Check out the Modern Airline's new video for "Periods of Missing Time"!

Now Boarding The Modern Airline - New Wave Quintet Releases Self-Titled Debut September 4 by Megan Fisher


You know you've got something unique on your hands even before you hear note one of The Modern Airline's self-titled debut.


New MP3 Download From Ed Hale And The Transcendence Entitled "Solaris" Marries Soderbergh Film To Real-Life by Megan Fisher

Ed Hale and the Transcendence Release mp3 Inspired By George Clooney Film. Download “Solaris” Now!

Lasers, Longswords, and Lipstick Guns by Janelle

Michael J. Epstein checks in for some guest bloggin

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