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Daniel Steinbock Announces Single, "Pine Needles" by Bri

The new indie folk single, “Pine Needles” from Danie Steinbock, awakens a spiritual love for an unnamed muse. Lyrical mystery and intrigue weave between a gentle acoustic flame burning with admiration. The track embodies the concept of the album in its complete form, the “out of blue” essence of songwriting that appears as a gift from the muse. “Pine Needles” is on the album, Out of Blue, out February 15.

Daniel Steinbock Announces Single, "Out of Blue" by Bri

The new indie folk single from Daniel Steinbock moves like a sunbeam after a light drizzle of rain, leaving the earth with a glistening varnish of dew.

Getaway Dogs Announces Single, “Excuses/Opinions II” by Paul Corsi

The single from Getaway Dogs  ebbs and flows like a shimmering ocean wave crashing against a kaleidoscope skyline.

Callow Announces Single, “Go Down” by Paul Corsi

The new single from folk-noir duo Callow races like a steady heartbeat diving deeper into the tissues of an emotional state. “Go Down” marches to a drum beat, crunchy guitar, and howling vocals blowing through the dusty atmosphere.

Getaway Dogs Announces Single, "Papersoul II" by Paul Corsi

The single from Getaway Dogs surfs a sun-kissed wave of atmospheric guitar chords and shimmering vocal harmonies.

Volary Releases New Orchestral Single, “Mad Waltz” by Paul Corsi

Volary Releases New Orchestral Single, “Mad Waltz”
Off Recently Released Album, The Light, In Collaboration With Minna Choi

Volary Announces October 16 'The Light' Album Release by Paul Corsi

Volary October 16 Album Release Announced
Offers First Single, “OK Tonight” as Downloadable MP3

The Corner Laughers Releases "Queen of the Meadow" Single by Janelle

Indie twee pop band, The Corner Laughers, releases the second single off their upcoming album, Matilda Effect, ​due out June 12.

The Corner Laughers Announce June 12 Album Release by Janelle

The Corner Laughers announce the release of the sun-drenched twee pop album on June 12.

San Francisco Sonic Indie Rock Band Split Screens Releases Second Album Before the Storm 9/9 by Janelle

"...a glorious menage of shimmering riffs and shining vocal hooks, creating the perfectly languid soundtrack to those much-traveled roads that so many of us yearn to be a part."

- Gold Flake Paint

San Francisco Split Screens Release Addictive New Single “Home”. by LeeAnn

" have a delightful track that’s ready to play us out of these wonderful remaining weeks of summer.” - We All Want Someone To Shout For

Impose Magazine Stands Along Side of Split Screens Single "Stand Alone" by Janelle

"Cafiero splits the screens between the views from interior that respond to the exterior worlds to find newfound places of solid, standing ground." - Impose Magazine

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