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Rich Layton & Tough Town Announce May 31 Album by Bri

Recently signed by Portland’s Never Lucky Records, Rich Layton & Tough Town weave a swampadelic soundtrack for a last chance Saturday night with their new album, Salvation Road. Each song fizzles out with a roaring bite and an undertone of tenderness like the last drop of whisky on the tip of the tongue. An empty table waits for each listener under the broken neon light in a dive bar out on Salvation Road.

Rich Layton & Tough Town Announce Single, "Live to Rock" by Bri

In a world of compromises, those who find True North and follow wherever it leads have a treasure beyond measure. What if that pursuit was suddenly taken away? Would there be defeat, or a fight to get it all back? With their new single “Live to Rock,” Rich Layton & The Tough Town provide an anthem for everyone facing doubt, roadblocks, and brick walls to reclaim the one true thing at the core of who they are.

Rich Layton & Tough Town "Better Slow Down" [video] by Bri

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Rich Layton & Tough Town Announce Single, "Salvation Road" by Bri

Throughout their careers, Elvis, Jerry Lee and Little Richard were torn between singing the devil’s music and the gospel songs they were raised on. Sixty years later, Rich Layton & Tough Town resolve that conflict with a song can get people on the dance floor Saturday night or in the aisles on Sunday morning. "Salvation Road" is the swampadelic title track and first single off the upcoming album co-produced by Layton and LA-based Terry Wilson, a fellow ex-Texan and 2019 Grammy nominee.

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