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Before I Was Famous: Maybe You Shouldn't Post That Song Just Yet by Paul Corsi

The premiere can be the difference between your band’s song receiving the attention it deserves, or just ending up as the sixth or seventh track on your mom’s “Driving Jams” mixtape.

This article appears in the Green Light Grow blog.

Elmore Magazine Premieres Matt Tarka EP by Victoria

Elmore Magazine premieres Matt Tarka's new EP, Surely Late

Impose Magazine Premieres Steph Barrak Single by Victoria

Impose Magazine premieres Steph Barrak's new single, "So Familiar."

Folk Radio UK Premieres Pauline Andres by Lauren

Folk Radio UK premieres Pauline Andres' newest album, The Heart Breaks, due out April 15.

The Vinyl District Premieres 'Suntrodden I' by Paul Corsi

The Vinyl District premieres the debut Suntrodden EP, Suntrodden I, and sits down with Erik Stephannson to talk.

Noisey Premieres Badlands "Echo" by Paul Corsi

Noisey premieres the new track from Badlands, "Echo." 

Huffington Post's "Never Let You Go" Exclusive by Paul Corsi

The Huffinton Post has the exclusive premiere of Lauren Marsh's track "Never Let You Go."

Are Premieres Worth It? by Janelle

Are premieres worth the time and effort on both the band and publicist's end? Read on to find out how and why it is an effective way of increasing exposure. 

This article appears in the Green Light Grow blog.

The Huffington Post Premieres Stevie B Wolf by Paul Corsi

The Huffingon Post Premieres Stevie B Wolf's single, "Alone + Alive" off us his new EP Alone + Alive due out November 11. 

Exclaim! Premieres Strange and Primitive Album Stream by Kyle Bendel

Exclaim streams the premiere of Strange and Primitive's self-titled album

Exclaim! Premieres Stevie B Wolf's "Getting Through" Single by Kyle Bendel

Exclaim! streams the premiere of Stevie B Wolf's single "Getting Through" 

Exclaim! Premieres Broke Royals EP Stream by Paul Corsi

Exclaim premieres the sophmore release from the Broke Royals The Luxury of Time Pt. II.

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