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Matt Tarka Announces September 13 'Surely Late' EP Release by Paul Corsi

Matt Tarka announces November 18 Surely Late EP Release,
offers first single, “Very Little” as downloadable MP3

Magnet's MP3 at 3PM Shares The Valery Trails "Starsong" by Janelle

“Starsong” represents the naivety that was once a part of us all, combined with the reality that time doesn’t stand still, but if you do it right, a song might.

Q&A: Eric Mueller, of Bear & Moose by Janelle

Green Light Go's own Kelly Bennett sat down with Eric Mueller, of Bear & Moose, to learn a little bit more about half of the Portland indie rock duo. Buckle up - hilarity ensues.

Bear & Moose to play Mississippi Studios Show 5/18 by Janelle

Bear & Moose Play In Studio at Sessions From the Box by Janelle

Portland's Bear & Moose play in studio at Sessions From the Box! Hear them play a couple of songs as well as answer a few interview questions!

Bear & Moose Release “Poor Man Blues” Free MP3 Available Now by Janelle

Got the "Poor Man Blues"? Perhaps a free download of Bear & Moose's new single will be the blues-rock cure for what ails ya!

Bear & Moose Featured In Willamette Week and Portland Mercury by Janelle

Be sure to read up on your latest Bear & Moose news as the duo is featured by Portland music mainstays Willamette Week and The Portland Mercury.

Bear & Moose Release Second Half of Double Album Moose by Janelle

Bear & Moose is back with the release of their second half of their double album, Bear/Moose!

Fresh Mp3 Friday: The Asylum Experience by Janelle

Whether you believe in the super natural or not is up to you, but if you do plan on attending or throwing a Halloween party this weekend, these tracks will help keep your paranormal party unnaturally awesome!

Fresh MP3 Friday: Following Steve Jobs by Janelle

Steve Jobs, an inspiration to following your dreams...

This article appears in the Fresh Mp3 Friday blog.

Fresh MP3 Friday: Soundtrack Songs by Janelle

Songs that should be in movies.

This article appears in the Fresh Mp3 Friday blog.

Fresh Mp3 Friday: Back To School Tracks by Janelle

Wherever you rank on the social status this year, we have a back to school track for you.

This article appears in the Fresh Mp3 Friday blog.

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