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Oy Vey's Recession Girls on AOL Spinner's Full CD Listening Party by Janelle

Oy Vey's latest concept album, Recession Girls, hits stores today, just in time for Valentine's Day! Though, if you're late to picking it up, you can stream the whole thing over at AOL Spinner's Full CD Listening Party now!

Oy Vey's New Single Looks at the Crazy Side of Love Available For Free by Janelle

Oy Vey's latest single, "When I Was Young", explores being head over heels for someone. But that's just one piece of the story. This single is but one piece of the 13 song concept album that makes up Oy Vey's sophomore album, Recession Girls, due out on Valentine's Day, February 14th.

Fresh MP3 Friday: The Dating Game by Janelle

For those finding themselves smack in the middle of the dating game in the pursuit of true love, these three songs are for you.

This article appears in the Fresh Mp3 Friday blog.

High Five! from Oy Vey by Janelle

The gentlemen of Oy Vey tip their hats to Recession Girls around the world with their High Five! of recession-era essentials.

This article appears in the High Five blog.

Oy Vey's Electropop Anthem "The Horse's Mouth" For Free Download by Janelle

Oy Vey is back with their second single, "The Horse's Mouth", off their new album Recession Girls. Be sure to grab it for free now!

Fresh Mp3 Friday: #Occupy MP3's and Inspirations by Janelle

For the next few weeks Fresh MP3 Friday will feature one artist’s occupy inspired MP3 and their unedited thoughts about the movement.

Fresh MP3 Friday: One is the Loneliest Number by Janelle

One is the loneliest number, three is company and two is just enough...

Oy Vey Releases "The Brooklyn Side" - A Timely Tune about Recession Romance by Janelle

"The Brooklyn Side" - a tale of recession romance gone sour by Oy Vey.

Oy Vey and Cabin Dogs Get Reviewed by Janelle

Oy Vey's Botanical Curiosity gets reviewed in Consequence of Sound, while Cabin Dogs' Midnight Trail is received positively in Blurt!

Cabin Dogs & Oy Vey in Spinner by Janelle

This week's AOL Spinner Full CD Listening Party houses two Green Light Go bands: Cabin Dogs and Oy Vey.

Fresh Mp3 Friday: Breakup Mix-Tape by Janelle

Your ultimate breakup mix-tape

This article appears in the Fresh Mp3 Friday blog.

Oy Vey Releases "Idiot" MP3 by Janelle

Oy Vey releases "Idiot" mp3

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