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Gangstagrass Album Streaming On Spinner by Janelle

Get a load of the new Gangstagrass album for free this week at AOL Spinner's Full CD Listening Party!

Gangstagrass and Rench Make MAGNET A Mix Tape by Janelle

Check out the latest Make MAGNET A Mix Tape, featuring Gangstagrass. Frontman Rench shares some of his favorite songs with everyone!

Gangstagrass Makes it to MAGNET's MP3 at 3PM by Janelle

Hear the latest buzz about the genre-blending Gangstagrass, and download their latest single, "Western (ft. Kool Keith)" for free at MAGNET Magazine!

The Deli Joins Gangstagrass in Announcing Rappalachia! by Janelle

Check out the latest from The Deli Magazine as they help announce Gangstagrass' debut album!

Gangstagrass Performs Good Morning New Orleans! by Janelle

Gangstagrass is at it again with a in-studio performance at Good Morning New Orleans.

Gangstagrass and Kool Keith Team Up With A Brand New Single, "Western". by Janelle

Can't get enough Gangstagrass? Rench and the gang join forces with Kool Keith to offer up this free download of their latest single, "Western", off their debut album Rappalachia!

Gangstagrass and Golden Bloom Pick Three With Ardent Music Blog! by Janelle

Both Rench of Gangstagrass, and Shawn Fogel of Golden Bloom get their chance to pick three of their favorite things over at Ardent Music Blog.

Gangstagrass' Full Austin Dates by Janelle

For those who haven't heard, Gangstrass is taking his unique blend of hip hop and bluegrass on the road, all the way to Austin, TX. They're set to play seven times next week, so be sure not to miss it!

Gangstagrass Launches National Tour Monday, March 5 All Roads Lead to Austin by Janelle

Emmy-nominated Gangstagrass sets out on the road for their national tour, starting in West Virginia, making a pit stop in Austin for SXSW, and swinging over to New Orleans to finish it up! Full dates inside!

The Temple News Gets to Know Gangstagrass! by Janelle

The Temple News' latest edition of Street Sounds features an interview with Gangstagrass singer, guitarist, and mastermind Rench, as well as fellow members R-Son and Dolio the Sleuth.

Emmy-Nominated Gangstagrass Invited to Play DO512 Day Party at DO512 Lounge on Thursday, March 15 by Janelle

Gonna be in the Austin area March 15th? If so, be sure to make your way over to the DO512 Day Party to see Gangstagrass' unique blend of bluegrass and hip hop!

Gangstagrass and BoingBoing world premiere of "Gunslinging Rambler" by Janelle

Haven't had a chance to check out the bluegrass/hip hop outfit Gangstagrass live yet? No worries. BoingBoing is here to help. Be sure to check out the video from their Brooklyn show, as they perform their single, "Gungslinging Rambler" at Southpaw.

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