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Orouni Announces April 19 Album by Bri

Partitions, the new album from French indie pop group, Orouni, guides the way through a musical reverie of an analytical mind. Inspired by songwriter Rémi Antoni’s perception of the world, Partitions navigates the internal atmosphere in which concepts like duality and dissociation are amplified with dazzling pop melodies and fluorescent chord progressions. The album as a whole basks in this aura of duality as both structure and fanciful sound entrance one another with unabashed whimsy.

Orouni Announces Single, "Former Lorry Driver" by Bri

The new indie pop single, “Former Lorry Driver” from Parisian group, Orouni, tells the story of Phillip Collins, a man who survived a cancer scare after being told he only had six months to live. Songwriter, Rémi Antoni, stumbled across his story in several French publications and became fascinated by the whirlwind of Collins’ life. 

Orouni- "Nora" (Official Video) by Bri

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Orouni- "Speedball" (Live Session) by Bri

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The Line of Best Fit Premieres Video for Orouni's "Son of Mystery" by Bri

Parisian indie-pop band, Orouni, pays homage to Slim Gaillard, a musician, and character in the popular Jack Kerouac novel, On The Road. The Line of Best Fit premiered the colorful animated video that accompanies their new single, "Son of Mystery".

Orouni Announces Single, "Son of Mystery" by Bri

“Son of Mystery”, the new single from Orouni, promenades with light, floating strides through an indie pop storybook. Layers of sound gently unfold like delicate pages slowly turning, each element drifting like words jumping off of the page to tell a tale. Inspired by a character from Jack Kerouac's On The Road, “Son of Mystery” blends layers of instrumentation as acoustic guitar, flute, piano and trumpet all synthesize into a flourishing cocktail of musical novella. 

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